Some man- No, some hero put a camera on a hula hoop at Burning Man (Video)

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And he deserves the highest honors we can bestow for doing so. This is just on the border of NSFW, so watch out.

  • Cream_Fresh

    i love the music …what song is that ??

  • Jones

    Seriously? people get dizzy watching this video? maybe sitting in a dark basement in front of the computer all day is not good for your equilibrium

  • abeer

    Song name?

  • heavyshift

    "A woman's beauty is a treasure beyond price."

    Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie

  • heavyshift

    Immortality. Deal with it.

  • heavyshift

    A monk asked, "All of the buddhas and all of the Buddhadharmas come forth from this sutra. What is this sutra?"

    Qinshan said, "Forever turning."

  • DigitalBoyScout

    Bloody brilliant

  • Dawg Man

    Only Sparkle Ponies need apply.

  • Grant Labuschagne

    Awesome!! Anybody knows what song that is??

  • nwdp

    Dear Chive. At your next get together, you need to bring one of those camera hula hoops. That was awesome.

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  • Tim

    that was an amazing video!!

  • markkens

    I appreciated this more after vomiting. Burning Man is the future.

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