The next round’s winners for the Chivery design contest are in….

Once again the competition was stiff and in the end there could only be three winners. Thanks to all the Chivers who sent in designs, the talent level far surpassed our wildest expectations. If you didn’t win don’t fret, we will be holding a $1,000 grand prize t-shirt design contest every month now.

  • ISU Birds

    #3 Littering and….littering and……littering and…..

    • Duber

      Want one right meow.

    • Gus

      I'm freaking out, man!

      • yeeha

        you are freaking out…man

    • @bunkerpunkk

      smokin' the reefer.

      • HumpDan

        Super Troopers is 11 years old.

        Way to pick a relevant design.

        • SDE3

          How old is back to the future or bill murry all their shit is old but still great dill weed

        • a-nom

          And The Sandlot one (which should have qualified damn it!) is almost 20 years old…what does the age have to do with anything?

          • Drunkendave

            Exactly. My 3 year old sons favorite movie as of now is The Sandlot.

    • ....

      These are the stupidest designs…chive, if I take a shit on ur face, will u give me a $1000 too?

  • Chiver

    I bought the Chive Coasters that were just added, thats enough for me. Good job to the design winners though!

  • Jason
  • try2k

    Give it to me baby! First!

  • dlindstedt2

    I am sorry, but WEAK! lol. Sorry for the designer, but the next closest thing to Bill Fucking Murray is Ron Fucking Swanson

    • james

      I agree, these designs aren't the best!

      • Kanye West

        "let me stop you for a second, Beyonce's video was the best I've ever seen!"

        • JESSE

          I'm so proud of ^^^^that^^^^ I actually want the credit

  • Endo

    Just out of curiosity, how to you print and sell #1 or #3 without obtaining rights?

    • Unfkngblvbl

      The same way that fucking stupid store in that mall sells the KCCO and BFM shirts.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        No, not really. Chive don't own the rights to those designs.

      • Bob

        Kcco and bfm aren't copyrighted these are

    • Roderick

      Even though those images immediately make us think of Parks & Rec and Super Troopers, there is nothing about them that is explicitly trademarked material.

      NBC does not own rights to the phrase "A simple man" or brown hair and a mustachio. Likewise, a hat that says Vermont, aviators and another mustachio do not rightfully belong to Fox Searchlight.

      • Roderick

        But "Vermont State Police" may be another story. I really don't know. Someone else may be able to speak on that.

        • Former VT resident

          I wonder how happy Vermont State Troopers will be or how amusing they will find that shirt to be, They don't exactly have a sense of humor

          • jtgator

            most cops are dicks. just saying….

  • Squints

    Meh. I would've considered the FOR-EV-ER Sandlot shirt, but the top 3 are pretty weak.

    • Dave

      Yesss I don't think enough people understood the forever shirt. Brill-i-ant. Ron Swanson is a worthless cock gargling panzy.

      • a-nom

        Truth!! I'm not gonna lie, Ron Swanson is not deserving of the attention he gets (personal opinion). However The Sandlot ref? Squints?? COME ON!!!

        Oiling and lotioning….lotioning and oiling…I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

    • Ryan Gardner

      I was deeply saddened when I saw the T-Rex shirt and not Squints

      • Vincent Guzman

        Ron Fucking Swanson sonn, recognize.

        fuck bill murray!
        yeah i said it.

  • Dan

    #1 will be my next purchase

  • NorCal420

    Id take all 3 plz. thx

  • Drew Welch

    #1 all day. Ron Swanson is a true American.

    • Daniel Tosh

      please explain why he is a true american, is because people on the chive say so and you're just a trend follower?

      • JESSE

        or maybe its because he is the one character on television that hasn't been emasculated to the point where he has become an un-watchable internet clip-show hack… Not yet anyway

      • Drew Welch

        Maybe because his beliefs on how government should be run and his love for bacon is stronger than his love for vagina.

  • Doolittle

    t-rex shirt looks like a cheap design. Other two are cool and the sandlot one was awesome

  • butters

    #3 Liter a cola

    • Lucky Lucy

      Does this look like spit to you? 😀

      • CTChiver

        I don't want a large Farva, I want a god damn liter of cola.

      • Nick

        Yeah, it does.

  • BunchaBullShirt


  • Trout90

    Not a fan of any of them, but Ron Swanson is the best of the three.

  • SoberAsABird

    The Super Trooper Shirt is WRONG!!

    If you've ever seen the movie, Thorny and the boys HATE the State Police.

    "I'm all Highway." is the appropriate quote, unless you are going for irony, which I don't think you are. Shame on you Chive.

    • cDubya

      Highway=State Trooper. You don't see city police pulling people over on the interSTATE…

      Check facts man, c'mon. If anything, the internet is your friend. IMDB FTW.

      • SoberAsABird

        You are correct. I shook my brain loose and recall that it was the locals they hated. Dammit that I can't properly recall the details of an 11 year old movie viewed while constantly smashed.

        • cDubya

          It's okay. I forgive ya. And yes, I can sense your sarcasm. I'm just going to ignore it.

          Now, who wants a mustache ride!?

    • Not NSFW

      Could've sworn they became State Police at the end of the movie right after Luke lost his hand and Bruce Willis was actually dead.

      • Biggus Diccus

        No they became the police of the town/county they were in, I want to say it was Murberry or something like that.

        • cDubya

          Spurberry (sp)

          • ShaggleROC

            Local smokies.

    • Red Forman


    • SoberAsABird

      And now I commit seppuku for my asshattery.

      Apologies all around.

      • cDubya

        Well done. You are forgiven.


    • Brother Maynard

      Was going taunt you, but I see you have repented.

      Carry on.

    • River

      As a Vermonter who has a bunch of friends who are troopers, they are called "Vermont State Police" then there are local police for some towns but not all. BTW the Troopers I showed this shirt to thought it was hilarious.

    • TheDrizzle

      Anyone for some french fries and gravy? Pretty close to Canada, we could probably almost make it…

  • Shepard Wong

    no accounting for taste…or lack thereof.

  • crustybubblechunks

    #3 Hey Farva, whats the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the wall and the mozzarella sticks?

  • Unfkngblvbl

    I won't

  • notfromDetroit

    WTF with you guys and Detroit? You took down the post from this morning but what's your issue? Instead of being a bunch of douche bags, why don't you do something positive like you're always asking your 'chivers' to do for whatever cause catches you in that particular moment? How about donating some of your t-shirt proceeds to the cause instead of throwing another party for yourselves?

    Not cool!

    • 'chiver'

      you are an idiot.

    • GeoQuin4

      Just keep in mind the people of Detroit turned it into a shithole; it wasn't a natural disaster, it wasn't an accidental fire, it was the worthless piece of crap residents that suck the life out of the economy, the American tax payer, and their own home town. I'll gladly donate to the sick, poor, and injured; but not if they made themselves sick, poor, or injured due to their own stupidity and selfishness.

      • nuccabay

        youre wrong on so many levels…

        • GeoQuin4

          Care to explain why? And don't give me crap about he economy going to hell because that doesn't cause drug use, gang violence, vandalism, arson, and robbery, among other things… people do those things and use the economy as an excuse. The decay of surrounding areas is a result of those things, the result of choices people make.

    • TheDrizzle

      What am I missing, I don't see anything to do with Detroit…? seriously asking, your comment really threw me

      • Ficeroy

        It got taken down, but it it basically said "Detroit, get it together" and had pictures of all the decaying hotels, buildings and ballrooms that were obviously once very nice. I think it had more of a feel of a friend that was into something bad and you wanted to tell them to snap out of it and get it together. People love to throw rocks at the Chive despite the fact that they fill their fap bank here and obviously spend a great deal of time on it. The shirt designs were just shirt designs. The Chivers have spoken. You had a certain amount of say so.. what else do you want? Do you really think even 50% of the people on here were actually going to buy the shirt they "thought was cooler"? The first design winner is still available… that should tell you something.

  • Robbie

    I wanted Squints to win!!!!!!! For-ev-er

  • Jim

    When I voted yesterday afternoon For-Ev-Er was easily in the top 3, if not #1, and now it's not even top 3? Lame. It was easily the best of the bunch. C'mon Chive!

    • caleb

      Or how about make some more goddamned tees that sell out in 3 seconds. These suck my stinky nuts compared to the military tees, both Canada and US.

    • Whatever

      Waaaaaa the one I voted for didn't win! How about you cuss your fellow Chivers out then since they were the ones who voted for the designs douche nozzle? Grow a set you whiny bitch….

  • justin

    #3 all the way since I will be becoming a police officer soon. I must buy this one!!!!

  • dirty toe nail

    friendly advice? Don't print many of these……

    • sandy astroglide

      Never underestimate how badly Chivers need to follow.

    • ZombieLog

      Hahahaha. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

  • Daniel Tosh

    simple vector artwork. copy, paste, digitize, print, showoff

  • Evan

    Though #3 is awesom #1 should have gotten gold

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