• Chiver

    thats pretty awesome!

  • daniel

    forward roll, go!!

    • daniel

      i thought i heard gunshots!

    • Peppy

      Do a barrel roll

  • mia

    so freaking cute!!

  • shnooda


    • bobaso

      wow, you typed your name correctly, thumb up!

      *the -5th was mine though 🙂

      • Cuntshooda

        Fucking die you cunt

  • Manny

    You have to enjoy the little things in life….like watching a dog jump on a trampoline.

  • Roose1134

    I think I now believe in reincarnation!

    • Si1entStatic

      you want to be reincarnated as a Trampoline??

  • Brent

    That is hilarious!!!!!

  • chelsea_dagger

    Oh gosh, that just made my day. That tank of a dog has never felt so sprightly in his life!

  • tv_paul

    Cute but "The Man Show" changed the way I look at trampolines forever.

  • Verbal_Kint

    next thing you know we'll be seeing a bulldog riding a skateboard…

  • Peeve

    Kinda how I act on a trampoline

  • Ned_Z

    Show me a cat that can do that…..

  • Justin

    he looks just like a professional wrestler! lots of bark and rolls!

  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    One of the cutest things I've seen in a while

  • watchmikerun

    Reblogged this on watchmikerun and commented:
    I’m not necessarily a dog person, but this is still pretty cool.

  • NebraskaGuy

    Ha! I love the way he tries to do a forward flip and then it ends up in a sideways roll!

  • Nate Dizzle

    Dogs are so stupid….stick with the cats CHIVE!

    • Anonymous

      That's just unamerican

  • ReneUreta

    Videos like this make my day. Gotta love the animals.

  • Livin' Legend

    So that's what pure joy looks like.

  • krypto092108

    Happy Bulldog is HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

  • CherM2222

    Do a barrel roll!

  • F16Chiver

    They used to be called "jumpolines" until your Mom jumped on it.

  • twoedges

    Let that dog lick your face!!!! NOWWWWW!!!

  • alw

    Love it, especially because he clearly understands the concept of the trampoline as he pounces forward. I now must buy my pug a trampoline.

  • Master_Rahl


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