• Shnooda

    Shnoodas are always first. Especially into your sisters.

    • hey


  • http://KFX700Parts.com tacos117

    So now i need to by this I guess

    • Nubcake

      No douche…but maybe you should BUY it…fuckin tard

      • non, a

        fucking retard*

        • Nubcake

          Apparently your a fuckin tard as well

          • Nubcake

            I'm sorry guys, my mom saw that I wrote those things and made me apologize. It is wrong to call people that.

            • Nubcakelaronca

              Wow your a tool

            • Mark

              lol you got told off by your mom.

          • moron basher



            • Nubcake

              Go die in a fire

              • http://www.yougottagged.com rixbury


  • Disgraceful

    Sell out chive!
    What happened?

  • WTF?

    What is a shnooda?

  • Iceberg

    I was expecting to see something oh I don't know something other than a damn commercial

  • CowardMouth

    Art Bell in the house. Entire posts dedicated to commercials now. Bait and switch. It's that Venice boardwalk office overhead. The beginning of the end. Have you seen Myspace lately? Nobody has either.

  • non, a


  • Chivesuxnow

    Good god your really starting to suck chive….$$$$$$$$ fuckin really?

    • g2b

      They need to pay for their trips to Las Vegas somehow.

      • ChI

        Then put a donation bucket out on the Venice boardwalk….

  • MistaDabolina

    jesus chive, why are you glorifying these retarded commercials?????
    i havent had cable in 5 years for a good fucking reason

    • Trolled You

      You're on food stamps and have no job?

      • Fuck

        Go die troll

  • boo!

    Lame. Super lame.

  • Mr. Crusty Taint

    good luck explaining this one Alec…

  • Mattyd

    Waste of my data package

  • INoticed

    C'mon Chive, first it was an ad at the beggining of each video, now the whole video is an ad… I thought this site was about more than making the owners rich.

  • JustinsMug

    I wonder how much they sold out for? It seems like I am seeing more and more advertising on the chive. Pretty depressing. FailKing.com, Epicfail.com although not as well categorized they do have a lot of the same things. Hell, you can just Google "Fail" and find tons of sites with the same stuff and less advertising.

  • CookieF*nMonster

    I agree that "selling out" sucks and can ruin a site, but it's one fucking post. If one post keeps the greatest site going, then who the fuck cares, skip the post and look at all the other cool shit.

    • The Wambat

      Agreed, just ignore it if you don't like it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.gorski.7 David Gorski

    Very un-chive-like. boooo!

  • shoelessjoe

    Whaaaaaat? You mean the guys at The Chive aren't sitting around in a basement doing this for the great good of the world? Save the indignation adn get your head out of your ass. The Chive is a business but unlike most, the boys there bring joy to the world and chqrity to those who deserve it. It is a dumb commercial though.

  • john


  • Mikel

    Chive will always be cool but you can tell revenue is starting to turn them corporate. I recommend likecool.com (Chive grabs videos off this site frequently)

  • ManicCynic

    You ever think, maybe the guy who posted this might just think the video was cool?

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