Bras were made to be burned (44 Photos)

  • CutlerC


    Burnsday IS better with red heads. GO CANADA!

    • JamesMoravia

      Let's see more of her.

      • Notknowing

        I second that.

    • Ghim

      hmmmmm…Hot dam

    • BeauTieMan

      Oh dear lord in heaven! Makes me want to move to Canada!

  • anaon first


    • Dad

      Who? Ur mom?

    • highjacker

      #18 I was able to fap to this with seemingly no trouble at all.

    • Ih8U

      You should go stab yourself in the neck with a plastic knife!

      • Jack Wagon

        Highjacker, I don't care what the thumbsdowners say, that was funny shit right there

        • Cory

          #4 WOW!!!

  • Everclear

    #16 I want to go to there.

    • twc

      Hell yeah!

    • JamesMoravia


  • @lackofabetter

    Titillating to say the least


    I Love THURSDAYS.. #16…

    • Loko

      vERY NICE rACK

    • erin

      best on here

  • Hubba

    #14 I'd like to go there, please

    • Michael

      Left is Geneve Rupert, she was in a film called Flying Ryan, Right is Cristina Gaitan. 🙂

      • michael

        Correction, I mixed up my right and left lol. Left is Cristina Gaitan and right is Geneve Rupert

    • Daniel
  • Observer

    #20 is doing it right.

    • Adam

      She just won the internet.

    • Notme

      Along with #3

  • slip

    bras…. they really are a waste of money!

    • Shockpuppet

      You know those older ladies you see walkin' around wal-mart, the one's with no bra and their tatas hanging to their knees? Yeah, they thought the same as you when they were younger. Save the tatas, wear a bra!

  • Trout90

    Ya'll need to make a burn your bra t-shirt!

  • bz1

    #7, #10, #13, #17, #43 AWESOME ladies!!! MOAR, please!

  • misschris

    #35 You look a little trashy – in an oh-so-good way

    • hankalank

      Those are some powerful warlocks right there.

    • Notknowing

      You could put an EYE out with one of those things.

      • whale hntr

        #3 too, she didnt burn her bra at all, the force is strong in those ones

    • Big D

      Man she's nips like chapel hat pegs! In a good way 😀

  • Dwide_Schrude

    #35 Dayummmmmmm gurlllll

  • HOOK

    #13 Pleeeeease have a penis.

    • kal50

      You're an idiot and you're taking up valuable first page space!!!

    • Big D

      I used to have a stomach like that. Now I have the tits

    • JustSayin

      Really? Every fucking post HOOK? It's old man. Try something new.

  • wkdfrog

    #16 I normally hate the pretentious cam pics, but she is smokin and get a reprieve

    • partah

      agreed. fucking flawless.

  • Justin Lentz

    #26 i think i love you

    • Bill Ny

      I'm pretty sure that's Natalie Wyatt. I went to high school with her.

  • Peter

    I look forward to Thursday's more than Friday's now, Thank you Chive!

  • HOOK

    #25 can I see your penis?

    • mia


      • HOOK


        • Disappointed

          Congratulations, you have successfully proved you live a pitiful worthless existence. May God have mercy on your soul.

        • patrick907

          worse than paula

        • DQS

          You suck, Mr. HOOK

  • acupofjoe

    #16 Mother of Gawd!

  • BigPup

    #42 Holy Beelzebub! That's hotter then the fires or hell right there!

  • T money

    Two of my favorite things

    • Beev

      She better be playing Borderlands 2

      • Blake_McRae

        HALO FTW!!!!

    • david

      Will she be my player 2?

  • BigPup

    #14 Yes, now…… scissor.

  • Aladdin

    #35 harder than a diamond in an ice storm

  • Tillman61

    This has been a glorious day on The Chive. And we haven't even had the DAR yet…

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Each girl is better than the last.. #1 #4 #9 #13 #30

    God… I love this website. Thank you, Chivettes.

    • @LosSaysSwag

      Note: this five picture limit really hinders my selection of favorites.
      #8 #21 #23 #36 #42 get honorable mentions. /greed

    • liv

      #4 Moar!!!

  • ibleedgreenngold

    #14 Oh what I wouldn't do to be the meat in that sandwich.

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