Chive Everywhere (89 Photos)

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  • Blaine

    #82 This mans a PHONIE!

  • Brian

    # 80 what would it take to get one of those jerseys?

    • Jeremy

      We'd have to see if we can order more. alot of people want one. but we dont want to get in trouble from the chive. The part you can't see is we have the mind the gap on the back

      • Brian

        Let me know man!

  • Whitney

    Met a fellow chiver that lives across the hall of my apartment complex

  • Jordana

    Canadian Chivers represent!! 😀

  • Derek

    I love Meaghan

  • mattythegooch

    #43…….cold beer, resembles Bloody Mary's you dipshits….

    • Yeah

      should be mattythedouche.

      • mattythegooch

        that was my maiden name.

  • desertsteel

    #34 find her! Nice hump…….

  • Nick

    #51 awwww Sista, birthday bash with chive swag from everyone and u get on the chive, too cool!

  • Treybo1

    #61. "Met a Chiver after a Tri in a bar," not "met a Chiver in a bar after a Tri"? My kind of Tri!

  • Kenny

    #10 I got physically thrown out of there once, BASTARDS!!!

  • anon

    pic 52, the guy is wearing a fake!

  • USMC

    #22 KCCO lil dude! Semper FI!!!!!

  • Jacob

    #84 My friends and I are not alone in Albuquerque NM

  • #18

    #22 Stay strong little man. I wish you a quick recovery.

  • bdg

    #8 and #94 MOAR now pleeeeeze!!!!!!!!!!!

  • p1ll

    #34 nice cookies #57 MOAR #76 KCCO buddy #82 CLASIC

  • Jake

    #12 damn! live in philly almost a year and haven't seen a chivette…good to see they exist!

  • LostBroncoFan

    great finish

  • Last chaos powerlevel

    What are the preferred webpages and also sites focused on studying and also literary works?

  • Alex

    We needs more UK Chivers/Chivettes 😦

    I worry my shirt wont get recognised here.

  • sergi0

    #12 epic sexyness

  • Sarah
  • waltgator

    #16 dope! go Kings!

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