Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Jamz

    #17 BOOOO!!!

  • Wogsamatta

    #22 In Malta, not Maltese. Merican Education at its best

    • CorwinNorway

      What's the story here? Why is this statue underwater

    • Bodhi Dog

      Maltese = of Malta. And you went to school where?

      • Wogsamatta


  • Kato

    Hey… fuck you man!

    • ThePatriot

      No, because you're a darkie.

  • Kato

    #20 Pinkman is not impressed with the Little Mermaid dress.

  • MLR

    #17 Terrible decision. Movie will flop. Probably what Hollywood deserves for remaking anoter classic.

  • Brad

    #17 Anyone else tired of these shitty remakes? The old ones were classics for a reason, they were poking fun at themselves. They realized how over the top they were…not these new ones…they just suck

  • fubar

    made my day

  • Tom

    #10 I did not know,man could do such thing. Must be a wizard

  • imjake09

    #17 More like Rubbercop.

  • Jason

    #24 more fish in sea so kcco

    • Tom

      You should always think "THAT fish is mine!" Then KCCO

  • Smithy

    #11 If you don't want him to shit in your shoe when he's older don't do that.

    • Guest

      All I could think when I saw this pic was "That's cruel!"

      Poor little kitty. 😦

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    Also i think all of chiver wants to se daily afternoon 10 photos http://onfunzone.com/girls/daily-afternoon-random

  • Tyler P

    #13 Photobomb success. #27 You lucky bastard Fallon


    You're a fucking idiot

  • MonkeyMadness

    #17 looks like RoboCop and Ironman's love child.

  • Jerry

    #17 looks like a Batman costume with no cape and a bike helmet


    if my previous comment gets deleted: you're a f*cking idiot

  • Brian

    "slide all the slides!"

  • Brian

    So dumb. #9

  • Stray


  • Jeff

    #27 Jimmy Fallon you lucky bastard.

  • Jay

    No. 4 Would life be so promising to catch this in circulation?!? Can only hope that atleast another Chiver swings by it

  • Pat

    #11 Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  • Anras

    #12 It must be done!!

  • Josh

    Fucking duck face is ugly. You look stupid and I hope she reads this.

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