The Best BBQ Joints in the USA according to the Chivers (25 Photos)

On Tuesday we posted the best BBQ joints in 'Merica according to theCHIVE and asked for your input on the follow-up. Here is the list that the Chivers came up with.

  • Nick

    #1 Central BBQ is amazing! Here's a little advice–be sure to get the BBQ nachos with the "homemade chips" instead of the regular tortilla chips.

  • ZaltorTheMerciless

    The Black Dog in Urbana, IL is all.

  • @JustinMcGrail

    Redbones blows. the only reason it has a ton of Yelp reviews is because people in Somerville have nothing better to do. Smoken' Joe's all the way!

  • mark

    no kruez or smittys in lockhart?? blacks is way overrated.

  • Josh

    Once again, I will have to comment on the lack of Chivers in North Carolina Apparently… only one place on here… Lexington, NC has the best bbq of anywhere. Lexington Barbeque aka "The Hill" has to be at the top.

    • popnshots

      Lexington is good… and these is a whole host of others from NC that are smash hits: B's BBQ in Greenville, Parker's in Wilson, Allen and Son in Hillsboro, Short Sugars in Reidsville. NC Represents!

  • InfectedArchitect

    Glad to see Phil's made this list.
    Still think we need to get a Chive MEAT up together in SD, The Toro sandwich is definitely bomb buy the beef ribs are to die for.

    Om nom nom.

  • Sid

    #24 Awesome. Have the Porker sandwich and the Mac and cheese, but save room for the ice cream made on site with liquid nitrogen.

  • Neil (UK)

    El Toro is the best sandwich I've ever eaten!

  • Bubba

    Lexington BBQ in lex nc can't be beat.

  • Cin

    You left out COOPERS in Raleigh NC

  • popnshots

    #11 Skylight Inn is crazy good! When you come up on this place.. cars are everywhere, like cops sliding in on a bank robbery or something.

  • OkiefromOkieland

    NOPE! There's even More! They Forgot to put Dink's BBQ, Bartlesville Oklahoma in there ! been there for 30 years that I know of, the BEST BBQ Ive Ever Tasted ! GO DINK"S! LOL

  • LeftFlasherOn

    Coopers must be a common name for BBQ places. There's a Cooper's Country Store on Hwy 521 near Kingstree, SC that is purported to have excellent pork.

  • kevin

    kinda disappointed no canadian bbq joints posted could of made a great road trip for weekend worriors lookin for a bbq

  • belle

    I'm from BG KY and I gotta tell you, you gotta go to Owensboro for bbq. Where is Moonlite and Old Hickory???

  • Jamie

    Nice to see my Tuscaloosa, my home town, on the Chive!

    • Crystal

      Agreed! RMFT!

  • @WDEdude

    I have been to the two In Tuscaloosa, They are awesome. I went(drug) to the one in MA (Redbones). It might as well have been Ham and Ketchup.

  • realio

    Memphis in Irvine, CA

    hot chicks at night too

  • Lucas

    #23 Country Boys BBQ was amazing. The waitresses were as awesome as the food, if you go through Washington and don’t stop by, you suck.

  • Josh

    4rivers is amazing!

  • TimP

    I eaten at both Dreamland and Archibalds. They both are excellent.

  • TheSean

    Porter Street BBQ Eureka/Arcata, CA…best ribs ever

  • Bob X

    #10 Red Bones sucks. Food is just not good. It's a college hangout; most of the clientele is too drunk to care what they are eating.

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