The Best BBQ Joints in the USA according to the Chivers (25 Photos)

On Tuesday we posted the best BBQ joints in 'Merica according to theCHIVE and asked for your input on the follow-up. Here is the list that the Chivers came up with.

  • geeroid

    FIRST! cry about it and chive on

  • robsterling

    Southern Soul BBQ on St. Simons Island, Ga!

    • Alex

      Fried green beans are the best!

  • @J_M_J

    #2 was there last year… it was top notch. it was dark, none of the employees talked to eachother the entire hour i was there and the smoker is in the main dining area. everytime they opened the door, the place filled with more delucious smells

  • StellaScoot

    #25 Woody's is in Chincoteague Island, VA

  • Adam

    Mac's Speedshop in Charlotte, NC should have made the list. *Sad Trombone*

    • Deron Johnson

      i agree.

  • Zack

    First it was Moonlite, now it's the Smokey Pig…Western Kentucky representing.

  • meat.

    No Dinosaur BBQ = List FAIL

    • Danny

      Was on Tuesdays post, Chooch

      • meat.

        Should be on both, chooch.

        • Jeff

          Should be on every post, cooch. A brisket sandwich and some AK chili from Dino is all the food porn i need

          • Shoofly

            Should be on neither list, chooch. The brisket is like dried out shoe leather with gristly fat attempting to hold it together. At least at the Syracuse branch. Was great years ago, now it's disgusting.

    • Anon

      Been to Dinosaur BBQ, wasn't overly impressed. Much better BBQ in the southern part of the US…

  • sheriff

    smittys in lockhart tx. i saw blacks on there but its like a central tx war between the two. i think i may grab some friends and make the drive out there this weekend.

    • Ryan

      better go early or you'll miss the food.

    • Nick

      That's smittys and kreuz that are at war… No one cares about blacks BBQ… Don't waste ur time at blacks… Smittys and kreuz… All day everyday

      • El_Hefe

        YES Blacks is not that great… neither is Coopers…

        Smittys and Kreuz are a TON better

        • vwgto


        • Csh

          They are cousins fighting over their grandfather's restaurant I think. Right?

  • double d

    Oklahoma Joes, KC best in the world

    • Kris

      Shout out!!!

      • JessieBelle

        If it's good enough for this man:

        It's the gospel truth.

    • giggitygiggity

      Oklahoma joes should be number 1. Epic fail!



    • Hates You

      There's is NOTHING boring about smoked meat. You sir, are an idiot. Boo this man!! BOOOOOOOO!!!

    • mquirin

      Seriously, it takes a real man to appreciate good BBQ. Go back to you light beer and Affliction Tee Shirts, asshat. I'll enjoy my new travel plans and my Glenlivet neat while fucking your girl. Because she wanted a real man, and not an asshat.

    • @McBeastie666


    • patov40


  • Pirate

    Living in Colorado now and coming from a bbq area I will be trying Jabo's soon. I'm not 100% convinced good bbq exists here.

    • Nut

      it doesn't

    • Jouhker

      Where at in Colorado? There was a great place called Colston's BBQ in Aurora. The owner was from Mississippi and the food was amazing. Small place though.

      • Skermitt

        I-25 to Arapahoe Road. Third right and it's on the right. Across the street from Fay Myers Motorsports. It's pretty decent, glad someone posted it.

        • Pirate

          pretty decent I don't think qualifies it as "top 25 in the US (according to chivers)" but I'll try it anyway. At least it isn't KTs or the Rib House or something.

          • halkyrie

            I'll be checking all of these out too!

          • chuck

            It's good. I live in the DTC but am from MS originally. I eat here a few times a year. There are 3 other bbq places right by it (brothers and a couple others that i can't remember right now) I've tried all of them and Jabos is the best.

            • Red

              Colorado is a great place to live but sadly, no top notch world class bbq joints.

              Look at #9, that place has some character. I bet the food is the shit, would love to try it.

              • Paul

                Jim 'n Nick's BBQ has a couple locations around Denver. Check 'em out.

    • JWalker

      The Rib House in Longmont is awesome. Worth the drive.

  • MOAR

    F@*% I'm hungry.

  • non, a

    OM NOM NOM. That is all.

  • BR&y!

    #4Lockhart Texas not Lockhard.

  • Juschlln

    #25 is on Chincoteague Island on the Eastern Shore in VA I believe. Never heard of Chattanooga, VA so I had to Google it… should be Chincoteague, VA Please correct me if Im wrong cuz I'd love to visit this place sometime! And I officially have a puddle of drool on my desk now… thanks Chive 😀

  • IamwhoIam

    Better but still not enough memphis
    I recommend you guys take a week long trip down there and go gain some weight, cause there is a lot of good eating, Might I suggest in May?

    • Nathan Hess

      Definitely in May

      • Tom

        Most over rated "festival" ever

        • MiMBBQFestIsBest

          You must not know anyone on a team.

          • Tom

            I do, it's still not that great. I don't understand why it's hyped up so much and evrybody says your just have to go, when you can't even eat BBQ if you don't know someone on a team.

            I'll take a game day on the quad in Tuscaloosa any day over Memphis in may, more food, better food, awesome people

    • Tramp F. Artesian

      I agree. BBQ originated in Memphis, TN; some of the best bbq in the world. I've eaten bbq in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa, AL is some of the best bbq anywhere. The best ribs I've ever had in my life however are at a little hole in the wall (not mentioned on this list) in Hattiesburg, MS called Leatha's BBQ. If someone told me that I could either have a plate of these ribs or have mostly consensual sex with Kate Upton for a weekend…..well I'd fuck like a mad man, but I'd also think about those ribs mid-coitus and possibly shed a tear or two.

      • Fred

        I've been to all the supposed top BBQ spots in Memphis, there are some excellent choices, including central, which is my favorite in Memphis. But none compare to the origanal dreamland or archibalds in Tuscaloosa! The shed in miss. is the 3rd best to dreamland and archibalds

        Roll tide

  • Geograph

    The Shed is in Mississippi not Michigan… Big difference.

  • Guest

    #17 The Shed has two locations. Gulfport, Ms. and the original Vancleave Ms. The purported location of Gulfport MI would tend to cause frustration for anyone attempting to locate it.

    • Shed HEad

      Actually the original location is in Ocean Springs, MS with Gulfport MS and Mobile AL being the two other still open locations. The stores in Destin, FL and Lafayette, LA have closed.

      • 3Dzer0

        The one in Mobile, AL is great …. as well so is Dreamland here in Mobile as well …

      • Guest

        Actually I ate at the shed the first week it opened beside the rv park just north of I 10 on highway 57. The siblings who started the business are from Ocean Springs. In the beginning it was about the size of a large food kiosk like they use for the jackson county fair. You were lucky if one of the few picnic tables had an open seat. I wasn't lucky. I did get to eat most of my meal before I got a call and had to leave.

      • Dave

        The one in ocean springs burnt to the ground… They are rebuilding

      • B_Error

        You are correct original is Ocean Springs, MS. Gettin' Fed at the Shed! FTW!

  • James Shoquist

    Gulfport, MS

  • Bill

    #17 this place is awesome!

  • Vermilioaire

    The Pit Vermilion,Ohio OOLALA

    • Erik

      The Pit, Raleigh, NC.

  • Mustard

    #21 DMI Represent!

    • Roaner

      Smokey D's and Jethros are both better!

      • RickBarney

        Negative on Smokey D's….Jethros…yes.

        • Jonesy

          I must say that All 3 are good and I wouldn't turn down a free meal from any of them 😀

      • 515

        Wrong, Woody's hands down.

  • Scaggnettii


  • Flying Pig

    #16 Everytime

    • JustSayin

      Fuck yeah!

    • Dominic

      If you're from Cincinnati you should most defintely check out Eli's BBQ on Riverside. IT's BYOB

  • Weezy

    Good correction Chive.. Central BBQ is #1 hands down…

    • no doors

      No contest, you are either in agreement with this or you haven't had it yet

      • Bluedog

        Damn Skippy!

        • Mtown

          Definitely, eat there at least once a week! Definitely #1

      • Dave

        Negative, archibalds in Northport AL is way better. I ate at central today, it was good, but nowhere near the best. For that matter, big bad wolves BBQ on the strip in Tuscaloosa (next to the houndstooth) and game day has better BBQ nachos than anyone

    • Chris

      Couldnt agree more! While traveling around the country on a show I was looking for the best bbq. We were recommended to stop by central from a local saying its the best around. It was so good we ended up driving out of our way on the way back to california to get it one last time! THE BEST!

    • Shane

      This place is the best!! P.S. CHIVE when are you going to have a Memphis meet up?

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