Well, that’s one way to make a quick buck (21 Photos)

  • NebraskaGuy

    Never in my lifetime!

    Oh, and #11 PornHub? Really, right on your face??

    • Lucky Lucy

      and what about Cam4… surprised they had the money to fork over face real estate!

  • rAs

    Good thing it's mostly porn ads, because he definitely won't be getting any pussy for the rest of his life.

  • mongoose5271

    Did I miss the tat that says "Permanent Douchebag"?

  • Carlos Estevez

    I'd have to get paid at least enough to cover my expected salary for the rest of my life. I mean, there's no way I'm getting a job again after that and bills need to be paid. Pretty sure no one can afford my price for shame and humiliation, though.

  • lat297

    Right. I think that's enough of the Internet for today…

  • PA2AK

    leaves plenty of career opportunities open after boxing!

  • ZiggityZ

    Half of those tats look like a 3rd grader drew them… good one, tiger!

  • Matt

    I'd pay for my site to be on there you'regoingtoregretthat.com

  • I love chemistry

    classy dude, guess being a boxer you can do anything you want. too bad you can't box forever….or cover yourself in advertising forever…wonder what he will do next.

  • RJ Christopher

    He'll fit right in in Mega City One.

  • Alex Santana

    Please please por favor americans, never change!!! You`re the clowns of the planet!!! Very funny!! Divertidos!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!

  • yogi

    next tat….theChive.com!

  • Lexie

    What people wouldn't do to avoid a "real" job.

  • Shepard Wong

    Date much?

  • RastaJohnson

    I just got like 4 new porn sites to check out

  • joe shabadoo

    so did the chive get paid for this thinly veiled advertising as well?

  • NorCal420

    I wonder if he was a trust fund baby

  • donuts

    this guy is the biggest fucking loser i've ever seen.
    i'll bet you that he doesn't have any of the money left either.
    get a tattoo, go out drinking, get a tattoo, pay the rent, get a tattoo……

  • Shane

    Yes, he's a moron, but how many people get stupid tattoos everyday, and DON'T get paid for them. "Tribal" douche tattoos, girls ruining their chests tattoos, Nickelback tattoos…

  • Steve Chi Town

    A D bag who wears tapout and has tattoos all over his face. The two go hand in hand

  • NIXem

    Im just waiting till one of you tards tats " keep calm and chive on" wait , didnt some dumb chick do that already and not get one red cent?

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  • socalmarti

    I wonder if this guy ever gets laid, because I wouldn't EVER, even if he was the last dude on earth. I would rather let my vagina shrivel up and die!

    • Lucky Lucy

      I'll co-sign that! 😡

  • myst

    Ok so your a loser and pretty much a fucktard but um couldn't you have gotten a drunk buddy to do your face tattoos instead of doing them left handed in the mirror while drunk because surely they would be slightly more balanced or something

  • Lucky Lucy

    20K for the forehead?? I'd like that weekly for the next 65 years please… SHEESH!

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