Well, that’s one way to make a quick buck (21 Photos)

  • tyler

    Sad really

  • BOB

    if he was smart he'd demand annual payments… in 20 years…that cash is gonna be long gone and he's going to wish the tats were too.

  • Sean

    This guy literally defines "tool."

  • Mike

    Ohhhh 'Koots…

  • ...

    He would wear a tapout shirt. What an amazing loser.

  • The_Nate

    Peace. Of. Shit.

  • Jessie

    Another great example of an Alaskan… Thanks for being our sponsor Douche…. Next time leave out that he's from Alaska.

  • The Wambat


  • TheDovtor

    "Hey grandpa, what does the pornhub tattoo on your face mean"

  • Direthol

    all the pornsites aimed for the glory shot 😀

  • Sir Boobsalot

    Turn out you can put a price on stupidity

  • tom

    Must have got his head smashed in one too many times!

  • LostBroncoFan


  • Orukal

    Hope he's tucking some of that cash away for the future removals.

  • rjcool123

    Wow… Fred Durst here seems desperate for cash

  • djjacobb

    It is the beginning of Idiocracy…

  • Red

    Not the first time golden palace has done this. I could e mistaken and it was another buffet. Any way, it was on a chicks forehead. Taking up up most of the space. Now that I think about it, could have been a radio station bet for a good chunk of change. To think the restaurant had nothing to do with it? I doubt it.

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