World’s best father (32 Photos)


  • AB

    this is awesome

    • Trailer Ray

      I like how some of them have that norman rockwell look.

      • Kristen

        Nobody gives a fuck what you like.

        • trl87


    • Slauterhause

      Yea this is good stuff. I have a 14 month old, so some of these really made me laugh.

  • tv_paul

    #16 I agree with the kid (Sorry not you Texas Chivettes out there)

    • kristin

      Texas has more than one team and the other team is going to the Superbowl and we take no offense in "Dallas Sucks" comments, we highly recommend them!

      • Kristen

        Houston sucks, whore.

        • Not kristen

          eat a d*ck and die.

        • H-town

          Houston is actually the greatest city and has the greatest team on earth. But I can see how you could be confusing us with a certain city to the north. No hard feelings.

      • Andrew

        Yep the team to the south is referred to as the "other team" in this state.

    • douche

      woohoo burgundy and gold baby!

      • rawsker

        Fuck the skins! 22! E smith bitches! RGturd

    • Mudduh Ass Ho

      You Mudduh Ass Ho' -_-

    • Andrew

      The skins suck!

    • missjy86

      me too!

  • Verbal_Kint

    It is possible to push a joke to far… Like 3-32..

    • Boston Rugger

      #32 Seems like a pretty realistic one

    • Taco_Depot

      You forgot the "wink wink, nudge nudge". Or you've missed the obvious.

      • Verbal_Kint

        Nah. I just found most of these tasteless as they involve a child.

        • @McBeastie666

          missed the obvious then.

        • Ethix_

          You came to theChive for a tasteful set of pictures?

          • yutesbgone

            I find it odd that Verbal considers children tasteless.

            • davo

              any joke can be pushed too far if you're a pussy who likes to whine about jokes.

    • Captain Retardou

      Not sure if brilliant or hypocrite…

      • Meh

        Well done, good sir.

  • Wood

    If there was ever a day for my wife to start on the Chive, it's today on this post. I will never get in trouble again for the stuff I let our kids do!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #29 All are hilarious, esp this one!!

    • Underbaker

      I can take a good joke, but reading twilight to his kid? Get a rope.

    • @RubyRooRemix

      This one is my favorite too!!

  • Anonymous


  • wow

    I had a dad like that once, I turned out just fine. My new daddy is a bit rough and when I get out I will have my parole officer get me time off to visit his grave/bombsite.

  • heywood jablowme

    thats some funny shit right there

  • BlackStartLine

    Honestly, this was pretty freaking funny. Definitely a cool ass dad!

    My favorite was definitely #29

  • twd22285

    seems legit…

  • @Jdos776

    I've work with Photoshop, and i can tell you these are 100% not shoped

    • Livin' Legend

      Is it the pixels you can tell by?

      • Patriot_Matt

        Oh the pixels are a dead give away.

    • guest

      They are completely photoshoped! look at 26. It's called a camera on a tripod.

      • opagangnamstyle


  • The Real Tim


  • SingleBrokeFab

    #9 Freaking adorable! And how cool will that be for her to look back on and have all those fun memories with her dad?

  • crustybubblechunks

    #21 Might be one of the funniest, cutest things I've seen in awhile

  • Forest

    This post was like an SNL skit — 1-3 = reasonably funny, 4-6 = same joke, getting boring, 7-15 = tedious and frustrating, 15-32 = OMFG, is this still going?!?

    • @McBeastie666

      everyone's a critic.

    • mandy

      Run Forest, run from the Chive you looser

    • Todd

      Haters gonna hate.

  • Dominic M

    Epic father Is Epic

  • GMC

    #7 #8 #11 absolutely hilarious

    • that guy

      really, really, really, really, oh so much do not want to be "that guy"…..buuuut I can't help but think that a certain part of her inside the pumpkin's mouth seems…………….naughty? especially since, y'know, it's a child?

  • lovethechunk

    Still a better Dad than Micheal Jackson.

    • opagangnamstyle

      Or Michael Jackson!

  • ReneUreta

    hahaha. He gets my vote.

  • JoeV

    Made my day.

  • MarthaJeane

    #12 her expression in this one – priceless

  • Freddie Ray Sturdivant

    Maybe im getting old, I didn't find any of this funny. If it had been spontaneous I might chuckle, but being staged just isn't funny to me.

    • meat.

      You'd rather have him spontaneously put his kid in a pumpkin and starting hacking at it with a knife… and then it would be funny? Dafuq?

  • Electric Boogalo

    He's go the same facial expression in every shot.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      That was the only thing that bugged me. His expressions were too forced.

  • NHale

    Don't worry. At no time was the father in ANY danger.

    • mbns

      The whole time he was in danger of using the fuck out of the HDR setting in Photoshop.

  • DeDe

    This was a great post, I had to share it with my best dude-friend, who just became a dad to a gorgeous little girl. I think this is a glimpse into his future…especially #29!

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