World’s best father (32 Photos)


  • Brad Altone

    cowboys suck!!!!!!!

    • Andrew

      You know what, you suck.

  • geekguy12

    I want some Norman Rockwell style paintings of these.

  • ninechive

    worlds best fathers most 1 funny photos

  • Dan

    That was great

  • meeeee


    • To lazy to log in

      That's my line! 🙂

  • Sade

    #29 Worst. Dad. Ever! xD

  • keith

    Nice to see someone who has a sence of humoura! Made me chuckle tonight.

  • Mation

    #16 A Dallas fan. He's cool in my book. Might be time to trade the kid in on a new model, though.

  • beakt

    Oh these are SO FUNNY!!!! I totally LOL'd and was horrified at the same time. We have an 11-month old boy at home. I wonder if my wife will think this is funny? We'll find out tonight…

    The little girl is SO CUTE! You can tell dada loves her very much.

  • NEW

    #30 hahah. this guy is too funny

  • Kayvon

    more like, father of the year!

  • Brittany

    This is awesome

  • ImpressMe

    C'mon, lightnen up…these are hilarious…and that kid is just too cute!
    The expression on dad's face is hysterical…. #11

  • goldengekko1

    #29 dad how can you be so cruel reading that crap to your baby will haunt her forever. 😀

  • Macro

    These are actually really good. #27 made me laugh the most for some reason.



  • adamh36

    now THAT was funny!! If there are any more I'd like to see them in the future!

  • ciera

    haha this is awesome! hopefully she grows up with a great sense of humor like her dad. she'll love these!

  • IAmKazaam

    One of the best posts I've seen in a long time. #31 and #18 are awesome

  • mike

    Very well done, anyone with kids will see the humour in these photo's. You spend every waking moment trying to make sure your kids are safe, so the absurdity of these is hilarous.

  • mommychivette

    #12 is pretty much amazing! I love them all!

  • tomy

    I would of loved to of done #25 when I was a kid!

  • tim

    Fun stuff. Awesome dad for sure.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #11 – my fav pic. awesome dad.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Matt

    Did I do that?! (can't remember…)

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