World’s best father (32 Photos)


  • Fuzzy

    #14 – This was me with my first kid for the first couple months, except with a dust mask. The smell made me gag.

  • sam

    USMC 2336, #12 &#21, look familiar?

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  • Mrs. Harrison Ford

    #29 is the best. Although watching the later movies is worse than reading the books!

  • bErMeNtAl

    thats a really photogenic kid! Awesome dad!

  • ninechive
  • ninechive
  • missjy86

    Awesome post!

  • Bob

    #27…This one has to be shopped. Who would put that gaudy yellow lamp in a white foyer?? Ridiculous.

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  • Lilly3553

    If that's the best dad,I wonder what the worst is…?

  • Erich

    As a father of 2 I ca say that #14 is doing it right.

  • Fapomatic

    Reminds me of Norman Rockwell

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