You asked for MOAR and she delivered (16 HQ Photos)

For those of you who caught the end of the DAR yesterday, you saw one of the best closing Chivettes we've had in a while. Luckily she read your comments and obliged your requests. I don't really know what to nickname this anonymous Chivette but calling her anything less than Queen of Burn Your Bra Forever and Always would be an insult.

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  • iced

    The chivers thank you eternally

    • The Real Tim

      even thought you're a whore

      • k4nt

        Don't be mean. Good that girls stay to their figure and have self confidence, thx for the "MOAR" made my day.

      • that guy

        That would be though idiot……Ever THOUGHT about that….but who cares, you are obviously gay

        • Decepticons


      • Woop

        Get off this site you troll. And though*. dumbass

    • Ted

      I'd like to thank her internally.

    • MPMoore

      I would rather thank her internally… giggity

      • Ted


    • Chiver_Sammy

      Had to stop back in to see if there was anything new…nope still only 16 pictures…don't hold out on us. MOAR

    • Jezza67

      10 000 men are now in love with you without even seeing your face. Chive!

    • NorCal420

      I would like your post… but it is already at +420. cant get much better than that!

    • Underbaker

      I don't know about eternally, but at least until the next time I fap.

  • Greg


    • Gabe

      My thoughts exactly.

      • acupofjoe

        that tummy! nom nom nom!

    • PiratesFan

      From now on, if someone tells me there's no such thing as perfection, I'm going to direct them to this set of photos.

    • The Good Lord Sayeth

      after laying mine eyes upon the glory above, thine erection springs eternal.

  • StPaulChiver

    Great way to start the morning!

    • desertsteel

      If I was allowed a preference, it would be the only way I would start my morning!

    • PiratesFan

      When I woke up to this, it made me want to be a better person.

  • uff


  • Greg

    First! BTW!

    • GeeROiD

      This guys good! He is first. I'll take SECOND

    • JeXeL22

      Good job not getting first jackass!

    • kuest37


    • guest444

      i like how even after this guy comments he FAILS to realize he was in fact second.

      • placenta_smoothie

        he was freaking 5th!

  • eric

    11 14

    • Kristen

      Eric's a fucking moron…and the broad is a WHORE!!!

      • your daddy

        forever alone virgin is jealous

  • Michael major

    Wow! Absolutely stunning!!

  • Phenom

    It has to be illegal to be that hot

    • Kristen

      You're correct, it's illegal in most states to be a whore.

      • Steve

        Hahah jealous much?

  • friend

    #16 Perfect

    • BigManJones

      Woke up with morning wood. I guess it's continuing now to afternoon and night wood

    • nate33uc

      my day is over #9 #10 #11 #12 #15 my fucking god

    • Seth


  • Bhodi

    #16 Yeah, that's nice

    • McSmizzle

      holy buckets…

  • amicus

    #12 Yes, yes we do.

  • dirkha dirkha

    wow. WOW

  • A.J.R

    #12 Love it!

  • Dillon

    damn!!! made my workout this morning sooo much better thinking about that body

    • @Jul1988

      Wrist exercises ?

      • Dillon

        haha aint that the truth

        • Woop

          call yourself popeye from now on. No shame from this post.

          • Dillon

            Call myself Popeye? That's fucking stupid you ignorant twat.

            • Dillon

              nice to know dumb fucks like you pose like your me using my name and say ignorant shit to other chivers…. grow up.

              • Dillon

                I am the real Dillon

                • Dillon

                  made my point. start your own post if you wanna talk shit to other people on here.

              • Woop

                Fuck off cunt.

  • Spas

    Speechless. Sexy level: Chivette!

    • Kristen

      *Sexy level: WHORE! (same thing as Chivette)

      • Steve

        Hahah! There you go again being jealous!

        • Dillon

          i agree steve… somebody is jealous… kristen if your so much hotter lets see your pics

          • Steve

            I don't give a fuck if you agree. By the way, it's "you're.' Dumb fuck.

            • Dillon

              haha the same dumb fuck that posed as me is posing as steve now…. your a genius. and ill use my words however i chose cause i do what i want

  • Christopher M. Bland

    Perfection. Wow.

  • DeLL 808

    can i have two of #15 to go please..

    • ps86

      yea, i'll be honest – i stared at that for a creepy amount of time

    • John

      Honestly, best picture ever.

    • guest

      I just popped a 3/4 chub haha

      • Kristen

        What was his name?

    • Guest

      I cannot even get out of my cubicle to walk or the office going to be

    • TyH


      • Kristen

        She had to take away the crab habitat.

        • Steve

          Damn Kristen. You are a hater. Why do you take the time to try and degrade this post? Don't be mad at perfection.

  • EazydoesitNYC

    #14 will be the new wallpaper across america

    • Master_Rahl

      so juicy and tempting, she's a prime candidate for a great motorbutt session. WOW!

      • @JustinYnolds

        There's a lot of words to describe a nice ass, particularly one you plan on "motorbutt"-ing, but *juicy* is not one of my favorites. Can you say "dysentery?"

        That being said, #9 makes me happy.

        • qwert

          that's how you get the pinkeye

  • Hammer

    The only thing that would top this is to see her pretty face too!!!

    • techno_viking

      Probably a teacher. Can't show her face…

    • jmstech

      I only just noticed that she didn't show her face…

  • Treefort

    I'm in love but Is it too much to ask to see a face? I'm sure you have nothing to hide.

  • Jeff

    #10 I'd mind your gap for a lifetime & buy you an endless supply of bras just to watch you burn them.

    • OmahaDude

      The top of the split is peeking at us….and I have zero problems with that

      • ps86

        eh, i think thats fabric, she's just arched. but i have no problems pretending

  • johnnystyle25

    #6 was quite a showstopper. Thanks!

  • Jeff

    #14 what a hump!

  • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

    Holy goodness… That's just absolutely perfect! Stunning body!

  • Anonymous

    what can you say about that but dammmmmmmmmmmmmm

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