A quick reminder to send in those college photos by conference

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  • GoBucks!!

    The Big 10 logo is over 2 years outdated. And yes, we all know, they can't count. http://www.nesn.com/2010/12/new-big-ten-logo-look

  • AshCash

    Keep Calm
    Sparty On

    • BigMIKe

      CMU is where its at

      • Huzzah

        There's a casino in Mount Pleasant, and I still wouldn't go there.

        Go Broncos!

    • geo

      ND! Sparty is your ass still sore from the kicking it took!?

  • UPITT15

    Damn my school sucks at football. Rugby is so much better.

  • Hoosiers!

    B1G!!!!!!! Fuck yeah, Hoosiers!

  • roidGEE

    I am fucking first

  • wannaknowher

    Go the mighty Ducks!

  • The Delicious One

    UTEP Baby!! C-USA Lets make it happen Miners!!!

  • jason walter
  • SoxSideChiver


  • blahhhh

    Go Jamaican Bobsled Team!!!

  • MonkeyMadness

    Why does the Big Ten conference logo have 11 in the middle of it?

    • BuckyB

      It's the old logo, but the 11 is because, prior to Nebraska joining, the Big 10 had 11 teams.

  • LIJay

    USF! USF!

  • gordysmum

    W…. V… U… WVU!!! big 12!!!

  • xfudgexmeowx

    big west for UCSB?

  • Willis


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