All you gotta do is smile (33 Photos)

  • tv_paul

    #16 Male turtle : Oh Oh…aaaahhhhhhhh
    Female turtle: Sure… now you're as fast a rabbit.

  • @Hello_YouHadMe

    #15 is my single favorite photograph of all time.
    Natalie Portman is perfect… and I can't not smile seeing her smile.

  • Steved24

    #15 Marry me Natalie

  • Amir

    #26 almost as awesome as honey badgers

  • Jesse

    #15 Incredible as always, Natalie.

  • Steved24

    #33 This isn't The Berry.. Chive..

  • 0331

    I pooped #11

  • MattyIce

    #16 He'll keep smiling until he finishes 6 hours later.

  • misschris

    #15 She has such an infectious smile

  • J-roc

    Must find #3

  • capt'n obvious

    #27 everyone loves Foxy Jackie

  • Masturbating Monkey

    " You want to get crazy high no?"


  • teight

    whoa there #27… you have a lot more going for you than that perfect smile

  • SilentWrath


  • The clamp

    Is it just me or is 19 and 4 the same?

  • caleb

    #13 PHOTOSHOPPED she does not own the muscles required for that action.

  • D-Rock

    #6 Your dad is the man, KCCO.
    I also loved him in Home Alone!

    • Mn dude

      Agreed. Stay strong my man and always Chive on. Better days to come. Did they say if you could smoke herb? Just saying. Sounds like you deserve some.

  • Brent

    #27 MAKES ME SMILE!!!

  • kyle

    18 I know that feeling, kcco it does get better.

  • GatOne

    #4 "I'm about to kill me some mother fuckers! Hell yes!"

  • Bill


  • Nate Woodard

    #27 Made me smile.

  • Rebecca

    #13…Kill it! Kill it with fire!

  • drewdeze

    i definitely smiled when i saw #32

  • Connor


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