All you gotta do is smile (33 Photos)

  • matt

    #6 ur a bad ass keep fighting

  • Mando

    #6 I like the choice of words: FORCED to quit… Please people, don't smoke, you could end up like this.

  • PayHeed

    #13 Really Chive…

  • zgl

    #15 – incredible actress, amazingly gorgeous 🙂

  • omgwtflmao

    Uhm….#30. Dad doesn’t look Mexican……. This isn’t going to end well…..

  • brandon

    #13 must be shopped

  • Versari

    #13 eh, nope smile gone.

  • Ryan

    #13 the photographer of this photo sold the original copy of it and was immediately catapulted into the Forbes' 400

  • Tomas_Vzla


  • Tyler P

    #6 Keep Calm and Smile on man

  • Canucks_Rule

    #16 – ok, this got a loud ass laugh outta me.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Adam

    She is the true definition of beautiful.

  • Bean

    Chive, I want #10 as a T-Shirt!!!

  • Spider

    # 22 come lie with me :). i wanna hear the awesome story!

  • Rey

    #22 you're still beautiful

  • Shiftycap1

    #1 'Van down by the River', Classic.

    • Luke

      Is this picture from something? The little girl looks exactlyyyy like my sister

  • skittles

    #18 Sweet smile on an adorable girl!

  • lat297

    #27 I'm sure I could wipe that smile off her face… no hang on, that sounds wrong.

  • Tom

    Chive needs more posts like this one 🙂 Smiles definitely have the power to brighten days!

  • Brandon

    Can someone tell me where the photo #7 was shot I wanna go on vacation there

  • che cazzo

    #3 please find her

  • Memfist

    #27.. It's so funny when you see your friend's wife on the Chive..

  • Hates You

    #22 – Must have met Chris Brown

  • morgan

    #13 Woah Kristen calm down

  • Brandon

    #25 you’re doing it wrong

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