Best photos of the week (65 Photos)

  • AB

    #11 i like where this is going..

    • Zak

      straight to jail

    • Clowd

      actually there is a nude set out of those 2 girls.. The pictures are from a few years ago.. Some of the porn advertisement use them.

      • Loko

        Fucking dork



    • @HarryBallz98

      Sorry to bust in on this, but white Chive tees are in sto… Holy hell look at that…

    • thedude325

      The rest of the set is here: Probably NSFW.

      • Clowd

        Yea and even that set is missing a couple of the nude pics. But great find! lol

  • shawn

    #43 wins.

    • nnkd

      who is this?

      • mittens

        Nicole Sparks, I think. "Internet model".

        • mittens

          Natalie* Sparks. Close enough.

      • Meowmix

        A girl who seems to have accidentally burned off her eyebrows, then drawn them back in with crayon

    • Bustanut

      She seems could possibly have great skill in holding banana between breasts without dropping onto ground. I very much like woman such as this.

    • tacobob

      yeah i have to agree

  • fuckobama

    first niggas

  • Mac

    #43 & #59
    BEWBS !

  • TGIF

    #65 This is relevant to my interests.

    • Em

      that's me and my best friend at the utah undie run!!!

      • Nick

        I think I love you, I also live in SLC, my interest are skiing , chiving, undie runs and chivettes (you're 3/4) Impromptu chive meetup Poplar Street Friday?

  • PapaBurgundy13

    I have diarrhea

    • sjd

      More time to scroll The Chive !

  • Herpa derpa

    #11 WINNING!

  • Best photos of the week (65 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] Visit link: Best photos of the week (65 Photos) […]

  • oklahoma

    #38 an #48 very sexy need moar

    • chase

      #48 is pinky, i'm pretty damn sure

  • Wannabang

    #36 the only time I ever jazz anymore is when I'm playing a solo

    • DaddyD

      You must be married with children.

      • Wannabang

        Nope, just a loser

        • zachbob

          I know that feel, bro…

  • Dan

    #17 That's an A+, kid.

  • Dan

    #54 I don't normally go for redheads, but she is an exception. Yowza!

    • JamesMoravia

      I normally do go for redheads and we need more pics of her.

      • jojojo

        Leanna Decker. You're welcome.

        • JamesMoravia

          Thanks, jojojo.

          Also just a heads up, some of her pics are NSFW.

        • Clone

          You sir, are my hero

  • Jim

    #41 Fat ass cops

    • John from Accounting

      … who will come running to save your pathetic ass when you're getting a beat down

      • Methos

        Well..maybe not running exactly…but I get your point.

      • Chris

        Cops don't save people, they take notes after you get fucked

    • 4everDistracted

      Fat ass cops would rather shoot you and fill out the paperwork instead of chasing you…food for thought.

  • rebbie

    #27 Nichole Cage, shes a good friend of mine.

    • Cagey

      She's beautiful!

  • Latachive

    Alwaysaroused owns you chive…way hotter chicks way better pics without the marketing & sneaky commercial posts….last time here peace the fuckout

    • bill

      WOW! took the time to make that name then come back and talk shit…lots of time on your hands! is this really scumbag steve?? no, then must be some 12 year old lookin for boobies! go to bed! before i roll over wake your mom and tell on you!

    • g3nXsLack3r

      You should cancel your Chive membership and ask for a refund. Oh wait…

    • saveferris

      don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out

      • ScubaSteve

        I'm getting pretty fucking sick of repost after repost from their own site! Millions of pictures on the net, no need to use each one a dozen times.

        • Fuckdisplace

          No shit!!! Chive is more concerned about selling t shirts than keeping the content fresh

          • Chicesuxnow


    • Me me


  • John Knolhoff

    Pretty sure that's a nipple in #23

  • John Knolhoff

    I meant #20

    • Patches

      And that's enough to get you excited? Here's a tip: go to google image search and type in "nipple" or "tits" or "breasts" or any one of a dozen other words that mean the same thing. You can see all the nipple you want without having to "check the mirror reflection very closely" for a tiny glimpse of what may or may not be a nipple.

      • jmk

        You just don't expect to see it here

    • fun

      …but the tat on the arm. Yuuuuuuck.

      • chiver

        the tat is sexy ass hell

    • Aaron

      dont ruin it lol

    • chase

      it's teagan presley, porn star. that is enough.

  • GoodEye

    #20 … check the mirror reflection very closely…

    • ps86

      good gawd, didn't think this pic could get any hotter, i was wrong

    • MWD


    • thej


  • Man

    #28 Did anyone else notice she had twins?

    • PNB

      It looks like ol' whiskey dick there might have missed out on something really special.

      • Jonnboy

        It is a horrible thing when this phenomena occurs

    • Potter

      Beautiful!!!! MOAR;)

    • John

      Heres her facebook need to thank me

      • waltgator

        u rock !

    • James

      Go Redbirds!

  • Justin Lentz

    Yaaay friday

  • gregory

    #59 you still have a little left on your chin hun

    • waryee

      who is this beauty?!

      • SPZander

        Sheng Xin Ran ..she's absolutely stunning.

    • Jesus

      Normally I'm not crazy about Asian girls, but she is gorgeous!

    • midbud


  • lunamama

    #44 Awesome!

  • johnnystyle25

    #16 Way to rock that apron!

    • Rhayzor

      I would love to untie those apron strings with my tongue…

      • Pedo Bear

        Kortney Kane, search long enough you'll find this video, have fun

        • xy123123

          I dont think that's Kortney Kane

          • powerful pete

            Kimberly Gates?

            • Jack

              It's rachel spunky

              • Jack

                I meant Rachel from Spunky Angels

        • zooom

          Google "Genna kitchen help" in quote marks, web, not images, for the full set.

    • somebody

      Complete with fishnet stockings…

  • texjosh

    #7 #48 win the internet.

    • texjosh

      Add #2 and MOAR!

      • ohai

        strong pair of legs wud smash

    • Kato

      #7 is Melanie Iglesias

    • chase

      #48 is pinky, i think

  • Corb

    What no picture of a kid shaving the back of his head using a camera and TV?

    • mittens

      Tomorrow, there will be a crudely photoshopped cat in that picture, and it will be posted in Cat Saturday, and YOU will be to blame.

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