Best photos of the week (65 Photos)

  • TheChad

    #34 KCCO

  • Zapp Brannigan

    #33 gonna need some moar here.

  • Me

    #1 Ginger´s stuff

  • chicago

    #38 blondes are thee best, period. She's at the top of that elite club. Fantastic woman! Cheers to you~

  • WindGage

    How mercilessly do I get flamed if I admit that I don't understand #56?

  • moondog

    #2 representing her new gap shirt in fine manner


    #36 you spelt "JIZZ" wrong
    #41 Bolt

  • Emondhink

    #28 Proud day to be ISU almuni……I miss that place, I miss college

  • drpatt92

    #41 Fat cops with firearms trumps in shape punk kid with attitude and harsh language.

  • Anonymous

    derp a derrrp

  • dibdy

    #39 what I imagine Taylor Morris's cabin will look like.


    #60 tenner bet he's called brad

  • caait_e

    #26, rolando??

  • jorda

    i didnt know george lopez was a cop #41

  • moondog

    #2 reprsenting her new gap in fine manner

  • dailin

    #43 Who needs eyebrows when you've got bewbz?….said n one ever.

    • dailin


  • no_angel

    #20 now thats a bangable offence.

  • togaen

    #38 moar

  • Miha

    #49 is a mile from where I live. Slovenia ❤

  • SoFLRider


    • chase

      pinky!!! moar!

  • bkfrijoles

    #48 i heart Pinky

    • chase

      i love that girl and her plump rump!

  • Olivia

    #28 here. Whoever posted my picture, this actually wasn't taken at ISU. It was taken at U of I. Whoever posted my facebook link in the comments…. kick rocks asshole.

    • baseballfreak0987

      Awesome! You just got hotter with your kick rocks comment lol…it was some doushe bag who "went to HS with you" i on the other hand know of you through brittnay/sam and those ladies…this shit can turn you into an overnight celeb! KEEP DOING YOU!

  • Rod

    #30 is a douch. "Free Beer" bands have been around as long as guitars have had strings. Just because you put it on Facebook, doesn't mean it doesn't suck.

  • reggie1610

    #33. In one word? Outstanding

  • reggie1610

    16. Damn. If I had my way she would be dinner. Sexy lady!

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