Best photos of the week (65 Photos)

  • 'berto

    Total, absolute, 100% WIN.

  • Mike

    #34 Don't get me wrong, the women in this post are beautiful, but where is everybody's sense of patriotism. Hats off to u #34, and thank you for your service and sacrifice. KCCO.

  • Michael Anthony Sanchez

    # 33 I wouldnt mind having your babies, like a male seahorse.

  • Allen

    #30 That shit's older than me. And I'm f'n old.

  • steve stoic

    #5 Kids are really funny.

  • ChaaMandoo

    #24 still prefer that guy to the asshole who leaves them in parking spaces

  • GMan

    #6 This isnt fucking funny. Stupid Americans dressing up a poor animal in an outfit that it really doesnt want to be in thinking it has a 'human' expression on its face so must be having a great time! No wonder the middle east wants to blow you up. They are probably right. A thoroughly prime example of yank stupidity. Take note, dressing a fucking cat up in anything makes you look exactly the same Bulgarian dancing bear tamers. Get a fucking clue and realise THEY DONT FUCKING WANT IT no matter how much it 'amuses' you. It thinks its people!!! Savages. Get cultured. Im truly disgusted. Truly.

  • JJMCali

    #20 is Teagan Presley. You can get MOAR of her…on the internet.

  • Hiro

    #43 I saw the boobs first but honestly drawn in eyes brows creep me the hell out

  • TheRampantGoat

    #59 Er…mah…gerd…

  • Mark

    This is such a small world, photo #11 I have seen the original post that had been on instagram. Clicked on a random comment on some minor celebrity of whom I can't even remember and there it was all instagram'd up. Crazy

  • Mark

    #10 Hey, let's include this in every photo set!

  • Theresia

    #56 Faith in Humanity restored..10 points!

  • BTL

    #7 and #54 heavens to betsie

  • Jason

    #16 is my perfect women

  • @SoCalChiver

    #2 #7 #33 #54 best of the week

  • Aussie Oaks

    #28 i think the young lady needs to show us some MOAR, as for the driver of the porcelain bus you are a very lucky man (apart from the driving part :)…)

  • Qwixel

    #51 they were probably talking about the same thing tho…

    #54 if you start a religion, I'd worship you!

  • Eman3212

    Sooo sexy! Need MOAR!

  • LostBroncoFan

    Pic 16 is the best

  • Jruss

    #28 Doesn't matter had sex

  • sean

    #48 needs a cheeseburger or 20

  • Lefty

    Bear Grills

  • midbud

    #16 FOOD? WHATS THAT……

  • midbud


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