Caution: slippery when wet (39 Photos)

  • Mudmonkey

    mmmm….chocolate dipped slippery when wet…………

    • Ih8U

      FUCK YA!!!!!!

    • Skermitt

      What the hell is happening in #35?

    • studley

      what is up with the pretty white girls wanting to be with these black guys, uck.

  • Christian

    Fuckin yumm…

    • acupofjoe

      I SPY CAMEL TOE!!! #25

  • Jason

    Like ALL!!!

    • Mr. Nice guy

      You would like #23

  • Billybob


    • SofaKingAwesome

      #23 ruined the whole gallery for me:(

      • tv_paul

        It's either a guy or its Gwyneth Paltrow

      • Zach

        I was a teenage boy once, and I'm pretty sure thats man peach fuzz. Not cool, Chive.

    • Rastapopolis

      That finger looks suspiciously like a man nipple

    • JoeMamma

      Thought the same thing lmao

  • inigo montoya

    Let the schlupping sounds commence!

  • Jorge

    #31 woah, nice one.

    • Liquiddirt

      She always is. Wish we could find her!!

      • Stormy Waters

        Since I took that picture, I know how to.

    • Chiver_Sammy

      M is for MMMMMMMMMMMOAR…

    • Lefty

      EAT FOOD

  • misschris

    Well holy shit. #12 I like it when it clings.

    • Jack Wagon

      She really needs to turn around and THEN turn around!

      • Jack Wagon

        Lol then take a pic! Still sleeping

    • Mike re

      More girls should do this

  • @dbumbaco


  • Schnizz56

    #5 nice, the perfect combo of meat & muscle!!

    • Just sayin'

      Somebody tell me who this is….
      More please.

      • nuh uhhh

        Mya Jane

    • JamesMoravia

      Yep, she is thick in a good way.

    • savagecabbage

      think she's from jersey

    • irons

      My first reaction was "Mother of God"

    • LCC

      Ok, I'm just gonna say it. Nice tits, but that girl is fuckin ugly.

  • Jeff

    #3 I'd love to dry you off.

  • penguin slayer

    #29 mandi Mccoy

  • Jeff

    #11 I'm sure your sweat would even taste sweet!

  • DinoBarf

    Moisture is the essence of wetness.
    And wetness is the essence of beauty.

    • tpec


  • AB

    You can post more pics of #16 if you like..

  • Hello!


    • shoggoths


  • Jeff

    #33 white hot indeed!

  • Chase Crow

    Damn #37

    • @CharlieParkster

      Minka Kelly

    • Aussie

      Melanie Inglesias

  • abakala

    #30 Is that Leah Remini?

    • ttrain

      Yea thats her for sure

    • Hara

      yep. Damn, what happened to her? Oh right. Scientology.

      • FukU

        Lol!! fkn funny. No doubt though. This pic's probably way b4 she got sucked into the religion. Seen her lately? Damn!!!

    • Med

      Stacey Caruso?? Nice call, abakala!!

      • Med

        Carosi. sorry

  • tv_paul

    #31 M is for Mamalution!

    • Verbal_Kint

      I was thinking of a different M word….

      • Andy Valentine

        Monkey? I bet it was monkey.

      • you2suck

        look at the old guys commenting together. how lame.

    • Kato

      more like mammaries but mamalution works…

  • Cody Sebastien

    My god I love the water

  • Sam

    #19 #22 assssssssssssssssss 🙂

  • mike

    #13 is just fantastic and im pretty sure the 18 is a porn star but dont know her name

  • mike

    #18 is a porn star but dont know her name, help!!

    • Tom

      Ann Angel I think. At least that's what someone told a friend of mine……

      • Chiver_Sammy

        Yes. It is Ann Angel. I recognize those nice big round earrings…

        • Geezer

          Her name is irrelevant. Just fap away my friends, fap away.

  • Juan R

    Holy Frick'in $h!t – nice collection Chive. Impossible to pick just one.

    • Cocky

      I know which one NOT to pick #23….unless you like the cock

  • adonisallan

    Women. Only creature I don't mind handling while wet. #6 #14 #16

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