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  • RobboJohn

    It has taken me almost two years to lose 70 pounds. If I cut out beer and really worked out I'd be much thinner. But damn, how can I survive without beer?

  • ChestRockwellz

    Spoken like a true fat ass. Without knowing what you look like, i am certain you are over weight. Stop hating because you have zero dedication and self discipline.

    • RatedR401

      I'm actually not overweight because I do have self discipline – I went from 170 down to 125 busting my ass going to the gym and eating healthy – took me longer than 2 months. This guy gets paid to work out so of course he can lose weight and gain back that much muscle and definition in so little of time. It's not realistic – he is the 1%.

      • ChestRockwellz

        I dont believe you. Lets be honest here. You still weigh 170. But sometimes in between your chicken nugget meals you think about going for a walk. But that quickly fades because like i said before, you dont possess any self control or self discipline.

        • RatedR401

          Yep, you are 100% right. I also sit around and I eat 5 cheeseburgers after my walk, cause pretty much I am just walking to get fast food. You have figured me out because you know all.
          I then go sit in my mothers basement and harass people on the internet because I am just THAT cool! Stay classy ChestRockwellz.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #58 – good for him? i really dunno what to think of this.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Stu

    Dude should man up and not shave his chest and abs (unless he's competing I guess)

    I wish men would be men and not women

    • Elizabeth Davis

      I prefer my men shaved. The biggest turn off is body hair on a man. That shit is just nasty. Most women agree with me too.

      • Stu

        yes, you have been properly programmed by advertising, congrats.

        most women that I know who are less affected than the average gal disagree … they will tell you the hairless certainly shows off A+ bodies, and is nice to look at, but they like manly men more so

      • Helena

        I disagree completely. Why is body hair nasty, if the guy, you know, showers? I prefer quite a bit of chest (and yes, back) hair on a guy. But if you naturally don't have any body hair, that's fine, too. It's when the waxing comes in that's a problem. Just be natural.

  • guest


  • Anonymous

    The guy documents his physical and mental health along the way too. It’s pretty interesting reading how junk food messed with his head.

  • Reckless

    He documents his mental health along the way too. It's interesting to read how crap food messed with his head

  • Cuban Chivette

    I think hes super sexy! He did a great job and im sure the chivettes will agree with me 🙂

  • ben

    Good for this guy, but the experiment proves nothing, There are three basic body types: endomorph (chubby), mesomorph (athletic), and ectomorph (thin), and we are all genetically predisposed to fit into one of these categories. Any body type can get "in shape", but unless you're genetically predisposed to have this type of build, you can't reach this kind of shape. My brother lost weight his first year of college after being overweight since 5th grade. He is a doctor and has worked out 5 to 7 days a week for the past 30 years and has probably forgotten more about fitness than this guy will ever know. He's done everything from marathon running, biking, yoga, P90X, weights, kettle bells, aerobics, spin classes, you name it. But after 30 years, he still has the endomorphic body that he was born with and can never attain this type of definition.

    • Stu

      not saying you are wrong, but you didn't mention what his diet was like, so your post really doesn't prove anything.

      • ben

        His diet is very good. Does that change everything?

        • Stu

          ok, to be more specific (as I assumed he is eating healthy) … what is his macro nutrient profile in his diet …. eating brown rice is healthly, but too much at the wrong times will result in increased body fat no matter how much you work out

          • ben

            Well, since I don't keep a food diary for him I can't tell you what his macro nutrient profile is, but he is a doctor who has been living a healthy lifestyle for 30 years and he knows what he's doing when it comes to his diet. But to be clear, I know anyone can lose weight, but not everyone who diets and exercises can achieve this kind of result unless they are genetically predisposed to this guy's body type.

    • Jason

      I won’t say you’re completely wrong either, but you’re definitely not completely right. Genetic predisposition is generally (read: most of the time) a cop out. You are born with certain predispositions but you’re body is a dynamic machine. Depending on what you subject it to (ie diet and exercise) gene expression and metabolism can and do change. It’s called epigenetics and it’s a large part of who each of us become. One exemplary story to the contrary doesn’t change this. Maybe the guy who can’t loose weight isn’t maintaining a proper diet.

      • ben

        Yes, anyone can lose weight and get in shape, but you still can't change your genes. Trying to change your body type is like trying to change your eye color. Just like they've discovered in recent years that certain people are more likely to get cancer than others, that's why family history plays a role in determining your susceptibility. Ever see someone who's really thin and always have been? They can get in great shape, but will never be able to achieve the "V" shaped athletic upper body like this guy has. And it's not a cop out, you just can't change your ancestry.

    • John

      This guy's experiment actually proves A LOT. The point of this experiment isn't to prove that anyone can get this kind of muscle definition. The point is that if you gain a lot of weight, it is still possible to lose it.

      Also I'd like to note that exercise isn't nearly as important as diet from a strict weight-loss standpoint. For example: you can burn 500 calories a day exercising, but if you eat an extra 800 calories after working out you are still netting an extra 300 calories a day.

      • ben

        As someone who has lost weight before, I'd have to say that the experiment is still misguided. 12 years ago I lost 100 pounds after being overweight for all my life, trying again and again to lose the weight. It wasn't until I got in the proper mindset and I was psychologically capable to do it that I was successful. When I lost the weight it was incredibly easy, not physically, but mentally. It was something that I had been mentally or emotionally incapable of doing for years. This guy was already in the mental mindspace to do it. Someone who's depressed, unmotivated, or just not in the right frame of mind has a much harder time of getting the motivation to do something like this, which is one of the big things that most people don't bring into account with this type of situation. Hell, therapy would probably be more beneficial to someone who wants to lose weight than a nutritionist, because they want to have to want it.

        • So_what

          Um, if you can't get in the mental mindset to get a positive image of your own body, it's nobody else's responsibility. Unless you're paying them to take care of your body for you.

          • ben

            Who said anything about it being someone else's responsibility?

  • Bustanut

    Shouldve shown all pictures of what he ate for the road back to fit …

    Day1 = yogurt, plain tuna, one leaf of romaine, plain tuna, one icecube.
    Day2 = one bowl of kidney beans, plain tuna, one gluten free tortilla, one leaf romaine lettuce, cottage cheese

  • Airmaxx23

    Put your teeth away…

  • dollybakerton

    ..and then he shaves his beautiful body hair.. SHAME!

  • HostosFQ

    more like the douche to douche to douche project

  • hmmmmmmmm

    #31Amazing how when he began to eat unhealthy his chest started growing hair … would explain why he stopped smiling … thank god as he lost the weight the chest hair stopped growing

  • starsheen

    it's really unhealthy to gain and lose that quickly (my doc has warned me over and over since I'm a yo-yo gainer/loser) it's really bad on the heart. He will not lose those fat cells, either. I know that the only time in a woman's life that he can lose fat cells is when she is lactating and nursing a baby…not really sure if guys can lose fat cells at some point or not. (don't you wish you could lactate now? LOL)
    What he did was amazing, but I hope…for his health…that he never does it again.

  • DemonIAm

    Where this experiment is biased is that he had the muscle mass under his fat as he gained it. sure some of the muscle may have shrunk if he altogether stopped working out, but it was still there.

    A fat person who has been fat for longer than six months does not have a superman figure hiding underneath their rolls. If you don't have that muscle, you are not going to be able to exercise as intensely, or have the mental drive to do so. Being fat becomes a state of mind, that is fricking had to bypass or rewrite.

    So until it's a person who has not exercised in YEARS, and lived the hard fat life, color me unimpressed.

    • My_rage

      He's demonstrating how you can SHED that fat.

      Nobody should be deluded that they can build his body with just a little exercise. He could have tried to cheat the public by simply starting his transformation from the "FAT" phase.

      You can shed your weight. If you think you'll get ripped in 6 months, you're deluded. I hope this post motivates some people to start making healthier choices and know that with a few years' dedication they can where they want.
      Also, fat people generally have a certain level of muscle already built simply because their body has to carry all their weight.

      Now fat people who take scooters out everywhere they go. Well, atleast they can make a start.

  • Tyler P

    I'm just going to point that if you are ripped at some point then over a 6 month period lose everything due to lack of diet, restraint and exercise then it will still be easier than for most who haven't been in that condition before. Muscle memory is an impressive thing and enables people to regain their previous form through far less work. Just sayin'.

  • Jimmy

    he got hairier as he got fatter?

  • supppp

    i couldnt even get fat with that diet if i tried…

  • John

    Fuck the nerds, I needed this. I've pulled out my phone to show people I used to be ripped, now I'll just go back to it. Thanks John.

  • NeedMoreSheBoobies

    Only way to right the wrong of posting this bare-chested man is to post bare-chested women…BARE-chested…

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    Incredible how much ire this draws out in people.

  • Andy

    This guy has completely missed the point. Who has ever said that it's physically impossible to get into shape? The problem has never been changing the specific food… the problem has been changing the LIFESTYLE. 6 months of eating high fat foods doesn't make a lifestyle – especially when you've been fit your whole life. It's the lifestyle of being healthy that should be targeted, not the specific foods.

    • My_rage

      "been fit your whole life"

      Everybody starts out wither over-weight or skinny. Do not belittle the man just because he's a trainer. You'd be surprised how many personal trainers have no muscle definition.

      He showed people how much fat they can lose in 6 months, now it is up to people to decide whether they lifestyle change is worth it.

  • Really?

    He's lucky he doesn't gain weight in his face, 70lbs and basically still 1 chin. Bastard.

  • Elizabeth Davis

    I believe CRJ said it best when she said, "call me maybe?"
    But seriously, I'd totally hit it. He's really man pretty, so he's probably out of my league, but I can deal with that.
    Just trying to get in where I fit in.

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