The Fit-2-Fat-2-Fit Project (58 Photos)

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  • heathclif

    Week 46 is just about where I am and have been for three years since my son was born. No time for gym.

    • Stu

      cop out … unless your kid is still keeping you up all night, get up earlier 3X a week and do an intense circuit training for 1/2 hour …. and go for a quick jog an other days at lunch …. I know, easier said that done, and your schedule may be wacky, you work longer hours …. etc etc … where there's a will, there's a way

      Stu, father of 2

  • Tim

    Another name could be the "douche 2 douche 2 douche" project.

  • SinisteR

    Pretty Amazing, but all he is really proving is that an already VERY healthy person can get unhealthy then healthy again fairly quickly with some effort.. A chronically unhealthy person has a MUCH bigger uphill climb.

  • luuuster

    What is up with the TEENY TINY forearms? He probably has teeny tiny calves too!

  • steve

    To everybody that is saying that this guy is a special case. You are right, unlike the average American he has motivation and will power. You are not too busy stop making excuses. I work over 60 hours a week and make time to go to the gym and workout. Is it easy, not at all. It takes will power. No excuses, play like a champ!

    • SinisteR

      YA! Play like a champ!
      …….condescend like a douche!

  • @bottlecapjonny

    People who are fat make changes like this all time. So, people who claim its genetics are full of shit. I come from an obese family, was obese throughout high school, joined the military lost the weight gained it back once or twice and lost it again. Science has proven that with diet, and exercise anyone can be in good shape because your body wasn't ever meant to be fat. All the preservatives, and additives in food, plus the saturated fats in just about everything we eat contribute. Cut that stuff out, exercise three times a week and you will watch the fat melt away. My favorite food group is Bacon.. I don't eat it as much as I want, but when I do I enjoy it much more. Also, you don't have to go to a gym, you can do body weight workouts at home and shred fat.

    • @bottlecapjonny

      I would also like to add that it is all qbout dedication though. No one is saying the fatties can't be fat. By all means, if you're fat and want to stay fat do what makes you happy. But, don't make lame excuses because our crazy science will prove you wrong. If you want to make the change though, you can prevent a lot o future health problems. And I don't complain because all the fatties will make it easier to escape the zombie horde.

    • Stu

      you can get in amazing shape eating saturated fat, it in and of itself is not inhelthy

  • Samir Nagheenanajar

    p90x is the shiz. it works through muscle confusion and you will start to get results in a few weeks but you have to rock it every day. this guy is dumm. fat cells have a shampoo effect in which they shrink with proper diet but never really go away, so its easier too become a lardass again, just like if you shampoo two times in a row, the second time makes a ronky lather with just a bead of shampoo. what most people dont know is ghat bad food wrecks the liver like booze. foie gras is just the fatty liver of a goose made that way ny force- feeding. eat too much mickey d's and you get fatty liver too.

    • Seriously

      You don't gain fat cells. They just get bigger. So it was as easy to get fat the first time as it was the second and third.

  • T.J.

    It's funny he shaves his chest when he is fit with all this oil and shit, but when he's fat he's like "Fuck It, let the hair hang out" Lol

  • jr.

    A little muscle memory helps too, being a personal trainer helps a lot and if everyone was a personal trainer who knew what they were doing then Bobs' your Uncle. And why didn't he show us what he ate during his dieting?

  • Bill Wald

    I read this while at McDonald's. For serious.

  • Cluyfiyd

    I hate that guy

  • me!

    this is the dumbest thing since Jersey Shore…

  • Adrenaline

    Is this about when you gain weight your chest hair growns? then when you lose the pounds it disappears again?

  • Thom

    how much weight did he lose by waxing his chest?

  • SGT

    This is BS, he just went from fat to fit, they just put pictures the opp way! So gullabul

  • Jim hardy

    Photo shop!!!

  • _Alisha_

    This is redundant because he was already fit and had the will power and inner strength to make the right choices with eating and exercising which overweight unhealthy people lack in the first place … which is the reason overweight people are overweight. Anyone who exercised before can get big and then exercise again. Not very impressive

    • BostonGeorge

      That is BS Alisha. His point is that all you need is will power and inner strength, and that no one should lack it.

    • My_rage

      I HATE it when people like you say it's not impressive just because we already live a healthy lifestyle.

      It takes effort and commitment, Every. Single. Time.

      And here, someone like you, pish-poshes us and says that it's not impressive because we have the willpower to stick to our goals.

      Screw you, ma'am.

  • bErMeNtAl

    Pretty cool and interesting. I don't see this as a Berry post because it's not because he's sexy or whatever, its to teach us fat asses that it can be done.

    • bErMeNtAl

      doesn't mean I'll listen, but it's cool to see it can happen.

  • Brett

    Everybody is a critic. What he did is damn impressive. It takes a shit load of work, ya he's a trainer so it's his job and it would be more difficult for you and I. Ya it's probably not a great idea to gain and lose that much weight so fast just for fun. But weightlifter sand boxers, anybody who depends on a weight class do it all the time, gain to move up a class, lose to cut. Call it what it is, a pretty impressive transformation.

  • ChivetteKellie

    I lost over 40 lbs from my heaviest.

  • Kourt

    That's insane, I should workout more, in fact I should go running right now… but I think i'll have a cocktail instead.

  • Michael

    I want this guy to be my personal trainer.

  • BostonGeorge

    It is easy to lose weight if you have self control and self respect (for your health). Quit making excuses for why you can't and start asking yourself how you will. There are 168 hours in a week and I know everyone can set aside 3-5 hours (to start) to exercise. Combine this with eating locally grown fresh foods (balanced diet) and I guarantee you will see results, feel more energy and feel better about you. Good luck.

  • anomicbomb

    Getting in shape makes your chest go bald.

  • bebbet

    Fucking nuts!

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