The Fit-2-Fat-2-Fit Project (58 Photos)

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  • gs425

    #11 LOL….that is the way I eat my PBJ

  • boobaa

    All the negative comments….this is pretty awesome.

  • Eric

    All you before me that wrote a negative post about this guys hard work are probably fat lazy pieces of shit that don’t get laid and are lazy as fuck . Move out of ur parents basement and grow the fuck up and you disgrace this website with ur salty ass comments!

  • Christopher Kruger


  • Derek

    Wow… So when you get fat you grow body hair and then when you get back in shape it all goes away!

  • Jrod

    This guy is a machine, just goes to show you lazy fat asses out there have no excuses. Nice post. I found to be happier the better shape i am in. Just takes hard work and determination.

  • Cream_Fresh

    chest and belly hair disappears when ur getting buff … lol …

  • Mike

    I'd be able to lose the weight too ifworking out was my full time job.

  • DB Conor

    That's not really impressive. The problem with fat people isn't that they're fat. It's that their body is used to being fat–it think its weight is normal, so it fights any loss of weight. This is how diet scams use athletes. They gain weight while rehabbing an injury. Take a picture looking fat, heal their injury, get back to their athletic shape and take an "after" picture. Let him gain all that weight, wear it for 2-3 years and then lose it all.

  • Rachel James

    #47 IS MY FAVORITE WEIGHT FOR a man. mmmmmm anything more muscular than that is haviing sex with a brick

  • Rebecca

    Why didn't he keep waxing when he was fat?

  • Bladimir Gastelum

    What i want to know is what was his regimen???

  • Daniel

    That's not the same transformation that someone who is truly overweight/obese would have to go through. He had a very solid muscle core underneath all that fat. The metabolic activity of all that muscle is so high that it really was significantly easier for him to lose the 70 lbs than someone who has been unfit their whole life to lose that same amount of weight. The only thing he's proven with this experiment is that his body is capable of dramatic weight fluctuations due to an intrinsically fast metabolism and propensity to gain muscle.

  • Jason

    Thanks tips!
    Who gives a fuck..

    Here's an idea! Why don't you focus your energy into actually doing something other than sitting there eating pizza pops de bunking something that someone might use as motivation!

    • The_Dood

      Really? I said that this had nothing to do with this guy. And if you can look at before and after pictures and get motivated, more power to you. Personally I just looked down at my beer gut and used that for motivation, but generally I see before and after shots as a way to sell diet programs that rarely work, and that's what I was talking about. You don't need an expensive diet program to lose weight. Just some motivation and determination. Take them from wherever you can get them. And if someone really loses their motivation because of what I said, they really couldn't have been too terribly motivated in the first place.

  • Joe

    Maybe it's just me, but all this post made me do is want to go out and eat all of that food

  • rob

    Depends when your fat formed.. if you had it as a child it's harder because the fat cells were growing then..

    what he did was fill his few fat cells enormously fast and full

    other people may have more fat cells, but they are not as full so they can't train it off so easily again because they will retain a certain amount of fat

    though, you can at least achieve a "normal" look (week 45) with training. Though you might not get as ripped and sickly looking

  • To you haters


    Haters gonna Hate right? Its funny how people are all over his ass because they are jealous! Job well done

  • caitlin

    …………………………….holy shit!

  • Alex

    Couple of things… Did he get stronger in the after section?! Secondly, did anyone else see all the food and think, "I'm not supposed to eat that?! But it's so fucking good!"

  • Jake

    It's cool and an impressive accomplishment… but don't forget that he had tons of muscle under all that fat… I don't think it would have been incredibly hard to lose weight when you have 200 pounds of muscle under your fat… Muscle burns more calories.

  • The_Dood

    Did anyone actually accuse this guy of doing that?

  • ninechive

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  • ninechive

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  • Blue

    Apparently skin tone and hairiness also fluctuate with ones weight…

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