The Fit-2-Fat-2-Fit Project (58 Photos)

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  • michelle

    #15 and #24 are the best I think – Just 1 question – Why did he feel the need to shave his chest ?

  • Badaboom

    Muscle memory would allow him to lose that weight faster than someone who has been heavy for a long time. Interesting, but pointless.

    • My_rage

      "Muscle Memory?" Pointless?

      I'm going to refrain from ad hominem, but he wasn't born with a six-pack. Nobody is. If we aren't over-weight, then we started out skinny or skinny-fat. It's always tough to get into shape.

      Do not belittle the discipline the man has in his life.

  • fatepeoplearefun

    Tell that guy that he's still fat and he'll probably believe you….White Goodman complex.

    • My_rage

      No, he wouldn't. But he'd still cut if he wanted more definition. Don't confuse dedication with obsession ust because you don't have any for your own body.

      Don't go on a rant about how you're good at other things. Your body is weaker and less aesthetic compared to any of us who like to stick to our goals, and that's something you need to stop being in denial of.

  • AllTaco

    Week 7

  • Oscar

    Can someone make an animated gif of this? I'm too lazy.

  • tomthumbs

    This is legit. He's a personal trainer in Utah. Documented, verified, truth, so suck it photoshop claimin' bitches.

  • grimotr

    his face looks much nicer when hes big n fluffy…

  • king

    This is funny all u lazy amercains who think its so HARD to lose weight. Get off the couch and go to the gym have some self respect

  • Thomas

    A testament to steroids (hard work, muscle memory and diet). You too can do this, visit trainwiser and you'll find everything you need. Not a hater, not a fatty, just calling it like I see it. I'm sure he'd say it was from horse meat, but you don't get that cro-magnon brow if you're not on the juice.

  • Spencer

    could you guys post what his workout/diet routine was so we can all try to follow and fail.. or just laugh at it.

  • Melody

    #4 #7 #9 #12 MOAR!!!!!!!!

  • YoMomma

    Clearly dipping yourself into the vat of douche is a cool weigh loss method.

  • Mike D

    U guys should go out and pump eachother.

  • Mike D

    U guys should meet up and pump eachother

  • chappy

    he lost a considerable amount of muscle mass…

  • M_13

    Props to his wife (or husband…) for putting up with his fat phase.

  • Nikki Young

    You're a wizard, Drew…

  • dasdasdsa

    Still pretty fat, lol.

  • Art.

    Thomas, i hope you train a lot saying that without "juice" you cant build such muscles! Its not true! You can build such body without steroids for sure, and only haters says that "he looks this way because he is on steroids". the truth is that if you lay whole day in front of tv eating chips, you wont be able to have nice body, if you try good diet and alot of exercise you able to do that. So move your ass to the gym!

  • daveokoijij

    real men dont wax their chest

  • h0llywood

    No stretch marks from gaining/ losing weight so quickly : /

  • elliott


  • jax

    Was tanning and not shaving part of his challenge too

  • Stupid Monkey

    i heard that u lose fat cells every time you rub one out. gonna start losing fat cells to the flbp girls!

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