AC-130 Spooky in high-res part 2 (30 HQ Photos)

  • Csubi

    Bring The Rain!

  • whyme1973

    Just a badass piece of hardware.

  • Bam

    pretty sure #24 is the Airbus A400M…

    • trip

      Looks like a c-130 to me. It says it on the yokes.
      Its an older model too.

    • Art

      The C-130 on the yoke should be a give-away.
      The Herc has been my office since 2001, trust me

  • @Dishwater

    Puff the Magic Dragon……

  • Kenny

    #58 Death from above…

  • freddy boy

    "It'll only take a minute". Pilot to John Wayne, The Green Berets.

  • Paul B

    "You can run, but you'll die tired"

  • tsgt ret

    H models, U boats, some with the new 30mm, some slicks and some HCs/MCs.. Nice

  • clutchmedic

    Gorgeous damn planes, loved hearing them takeoff over Bagram when I was there in 2008. They don't sound like a normal Herky either. That 105 would hand it to 'em.

  • clutchmedic

    #48 is an example of a badass as well, MC-130E Combat Talon I

  • SSgt CRS

    Awesome pics. However, most of these are not Spookys (AC-130U) Many, including #10 #21 #28 #30 and #33 are all Spectres (AC-130H). Again, awesome pics, but might have named it better.

    • SSgt CRS

      my bad, looking again, #30 is in fact a Spooky…

    • Micah

      #49 #51 #60 #61
      Those are also AC-130H's. I also work on these planes

  • Thomas Bender

    #62 Tail #1054… Flew this one before it was a Gunship….was the fastest one we had…

  • Mort

    Not all of these are even gunships, some are just regular slicks. #47 is one of my birds here at cannon afb. mc-130j, we share the flightline with spectres here 😉

    • KCCO Kevin

      ello love

  • nick

    There is a C-130 based out of Dyess that has the tail number 1666. She was nicknamed Damion for years, or the flaming tomato based on the nose art she had on her. They would take her to Georgia to train Airborne troops, and no one wanted to fly on it because of the 666 tail number. It was a huge pain in the ass on station, but off station was the best flying aircraft in the fleet!

    I have great memories working on these planes, they are truly the workhorse of the air force fleet.

    • Mike

      triple 6 is gone bro, fucking gay models took that place over. and yes, damian was a beast down range!

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  • herc driver

    I'm pretty sure I was flying #47 at the time….

  • Maryam Mcswain

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  • David

    Awesome album, even better since a lot of these are spectres, not the spooky. Still, make it better by getting rid of that awful "J" model.

  • Original DSO (Dizzo)

    #25 The Arbitrator (53-3129) was not only the first C-130 Hercules off the assembly line in 1955, but it was also the first AC-130 back in 1968, so aka The First Lady. She's in retirement now at Eglin Armament Museum outside Eglin AFB. I don't know the story of the #4 The First Lady, but she's defintely not the original "First Lady" gunship… maybe the first AC-130U model named in honor of 53-3129? …

  • guest

    first AC-130J is going to start modding this month. Should be nice having 25% more power and range.

  • thebluebuggy

    but it really compensate for ours time. I will posted a link to the article on our blog.


    #18 #22 #47 and #54 are all C-130J's (Super Hercs)

  • Boomer

    #9 – USMC KC-130's. Semper Fi.

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