• Chris

    the only thing that would have made this video better (besides he being naked) is if a football would have hit her square in the mouth.

  • @frankystein123


  • AndreLei

    For the love of god, FIND HER!!!

  • Matt

    is that same girl from the other 2 hula hoop videos? she looks the same and has some of the same moves.

  • Marisa

    damn! to all of u hating chris brown cos of rinnaha. shut the fuck up! that doesnt change sumthing bout his music! u should like someone cos of the music n chris’s music is damn tight! the thing with rinnaha changed nuthing bout that!

    • Guest

      wtf??? hahaha such a poignant comment.

  • WTF
  • derek

    hula girl i love you come live in my condo right on the beach in panama city i will cook and clean for you!!!!

  • detroitjones

    This clip keeps popping up FOR GOOD REASONS!!! WE NEED MOAR!! How about some MTG??? FIND HER!!! Seriously were serious fuckers……………..

  • brian

    pretty girl… what state is she from haha… that song has got country girl written all over it!

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  • Eric Draven

    I bet this girl has no idea whatsoever as to how hot she is.

  • JD Berryman

    You got a new fan!!!

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