Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

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  • whyme1973

    #19 Would definitely have a super soaker fight with them.

  • Chris

    AMMO Line D putting in work!

    • derek

      where's that at?

      • Aaron

        Looking like Barksdale.

  • Popowich

    Using your phone to take pictures of missiles in the back of your truck while driving…seems like a good idea…LOL!

    • Popowich


    • derek

      hahahaha you called them missiles

      • Chris

        LOL He called the bombs missiles

  • USMC 1371

    Finally made it on theChive, and right under the Army Commandant. Semper Fi

  • jimbob

    #3 crap, i left the stove on!

  • Peladian

    Amazing all the stuff humans will build just to kill each other. This planet is doomed…

  • CarebearHunter

    Pretty sure 25 is from photographer Oleg Volk. He does some pretty good stuff. You guys should feature some of his stuff.

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