iPhone 5 mania is a sad but very real thing (41 Photos)

  • TheBigBK

    #41 is fake…everyone knows Picard uses android

    • Picard_

      It's true, I love my Galaxy Nexus. Data just bet me I couldn't break his iPhone's screen on my forehead. I had no idea he was going to photograph it.

      • Waffle Time

        Oh, come now, an android who uses ios?
        How absurd.

        • Picard_

          It's true, we've been giving him shit for it for years! The entire bridge crew went out and got him copies of 'Do Androids Dream of Electric iSheep' last year for Christmas. The poor guy had to turn of his emotion chip. lol

          • Ethix_

            Seriously, sir, these comments are genius.

    • Alex

      LOL… i see what you did there

  • vandinz


    • Free Dumb

      They bought phones made by slaves.

      • Paul from the gump

        They are slaves.

    • _DoC_

      Twat did you say? I cunt hear you…

      • poopee pantz

        I've got an ear infuction

    • Chris

      #32 is a hot twat though

    • fuck it

      hope they get mugged on their way home….

    • sixdeadelves


  • gunnerx

    I'll bet every store had someone yelling FIRST!

    • The_Dood


  • Static

    I dont get it… last year with 4s… the same thing happened, yet i walked into my local Verizon store, no line, bought 2, and left. Why wait in line? just dont go the stupid apple store to get one. I like my iphone but would NEVER wait in line to get any phone… or…any gadget.. or car.. or tv.. etc.

    • Derrtyrob

      I agree. I love my iPhone just as much as the next guy but I can't see myself waiting in line for a day or so to buy a phone.

      • caleb

        How about get a phone, or don't, live life, and stop buying buying buying and spend some time outside and not tethered to a device. This is where we should be saying "I don't want to live in this world."

    • socalmarti

      Peoples desperate need for validation that they can't find within themselves. 😉

      • HumpDan

        I guess if i brought a bunch of booze and a grill and treated it like game day, it wouldn't be so bad.

        • Static

          except for the fact you dont get to see a game after waiting…..

    • Woop

      Not sure if homeless or waiting in line for iPhone 5. Insert Futurama Fry's face.

  • Chris

    I don't get it, my mate pre ordered one online and got it the day it was released, why do people queue? Seems unnecessary.

    • Livin' Legend

      I think some people just enjoy the camaraderie, the same as people lining up to buy a popular game system or or to see a certain movie. Never really saw the attraction, but I also never really felt the need to make fun of them like a lot of other people do. My reasoning is that as long as they're standing in line, they aren't out bothering anyone else. That happens after they receive whatever it is they're waiting for.

      • ChivetteN

        That and preorders slipped to 2-4 weeks for delivery only two hours after preorders went live.

    • ...

      Haha queue you talk funny

    • z0phi3l

      It's not good enough for them to buy the latest fashion phone, they NEED TO BE SEEN to add to their "cool factor"

  • HallaKayeCorpus

    Smile everyone have a good Monday!!! Posted from an Android

  • Bob

    #1 corporate monkeys, stop feeding the greedy Apple

    • Jobs Lemmings

      Kool Aid guzzling lemmings….

  • doug dino

    just checking the chive from my fist gen htc evo, may play some angry birds after.

    • bob

      Cool story bro.

      • chiver

        Tell it again

  • Adam

    It's incredible that all these people have nothing better to do than to wait in line for a phone. On the other hand, hats off to Apple's marketing dept for creating an annual phone free for all. Nothing seems to change except the number next to the name.

    • ...

      The hype is always greater than the actual product. In the end all the iPhone 5 is compared to the past models is longer (for a bigger screen) and alittle faster. If you ask most people with the phone what's so different about it, they can never seem to give a straight answer. Kudos to apple for finding a way to pull in so much money, but I'm pretty sure all every other company does is just send out updates, and not waste your money on a new product.

      • Idk

        I'm pretty sure every other company does the same shit. That's the industry.

    • http://www.thechive.com S_Giacomazzi


  • Hi-c

    I waited in line for a day because I thought they were giving away ecto cooler juice boxes

    • JeXeL22

      I did the same thing for surge.

      • Hi-c

        I would of done the same thing

    • Just A. Jason

      I fucking LOVED Ecto-Cooler. It was like battery acid with a cool box.

  • Donnation

    If you've ever waited in line for something (tickets, black friday deals) then you would know that it can be a really fun experience. I didn't wait in line for this one but have before and I can tell you we had a blast drinking beer and playing games out in the parking lot. It was a party and people who weren't even going to wait in line showed up just for a good time. Anything can be fun if you want to make it fun.

    • The_Dood

      Being drug naked over a cactus patch with your mouth around the tailpipe of a greyhound bus cannot be made fun, no matter how much you try.
      But yeah, I agree with you on the rest of your point.

    • whyme1973

      Have you got a job and/or moved out of your mom's basement since then?

      • Donnation

        That is really original, well done.

        • savagecabbage

          I think it's pretty original, if you have the time/mindset to wait in line like an idiot and join your other equally sad nerd friends for something the media tells you to buy just because it's a slightly newer version of a product you already have so you can partner it with your ipad and macbook then you need to seriously take stock of your life….. That or get laid, or get a job, whatever.

          • Bas

            Good on you for judging what others do with their spare time. Who knows, maybe he took a day off and just genuinely enjoyed the whole event, is it really necessary to pass judgment on something like that?

            I have never waited for an iPhone and gave my iPhone 4S away within 6 months of buying it, but I don't see anything wrong in people having a good time like this.

            • savagecabbage

              I like how you go against my opinion and defend these people while simultaneously making sure that you are not one of them. Good on you for having an opinion Switzerland

              • matt

                you know it is possible to respect/defend someones opinions and decisions that are not your own.

              • Idk

                What happens when it's not just slightly newer than the one you have? For instance, I had a 3GS which is what now three iterations old? Is it bad that I finally upgraded and does that make me a lemming? Or do my choices and what I do with my time and money make me me? Quit judging people. You talk down about these people and judge them for what they choose to do with their free time yet you're here trolling on the Internet which is just as bad if not worse.

          • Donnation

            Lolol, blah blah blah blah. You are such a badass, I wish I was as cool as you on the internet.

      • Livin' Legend

        You're either being facetious, or you yourself don't have a 'real' job, or you'd know that a 'real' job usually includes paid vacation, which a person may use however they see fit.

        While I myself don't see the point in waiting in line for anything for longer than a few hours (least of all an iPhone), I don't begrudge anyone what they do with their free time if it doesn't affect what I want to do.

        • dmaude

          vagina…Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey. Little matter to me that this woman chose to pursue a career in pornography, nor thatshe has been banging Jackie Treehorn, to use the parlance of our times. However. I am one of two trustees of the Lebowski Foundation ,the other being my father. The Foundation takes youngsters from Watts and–

          • Adam

            "You can imagine where it goes from here."

            "He fixes the cable?"

            Your comment just made my day!

        • savagecabbage

          Not being facetious, spending $800 on a phone is fucking obscene. I'm sorry what's a "real" job?? I'm allowed to have an opinion and i do begrudge anyone who waits a week in line for a phone, Plus the chive is begrudging these people also and chive rules all so I WIN, YOU LOSE…

          • Idk

            You are aware you can get it for less that $800 right? A real job would be a job where you get vacation and benifits. It's also known as a career, instead of flipping burgers making minimum wage. You judge others for how they spend their time yet youre here wasting yours trying to condem other. So champ, by all accounts you lose.

            • Hanz Nfranz

              Burgers aren't flipped anymore, they have grills that cook both sides at the same time. If you've got a burger job where you're actually flipping them, that just might be a career.

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  • Kcruz09


    • Shenanigans

      Woah! Calm down Slim Shady!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.henderson.3591 Nicholas Henderson

    I wouldn't wait in line ever for a cell phone this is why have the internet. So you can buy it and have it shipped to you.

  • Gen0


  • BradBehavior

    #36 Is his already broken?

    • Si1entStatic

      just the map app…

  • erikhart

    Who cares about the I-5, I'll take MOAR of #32!

  • bob

    that samsung commercial that makes fun of these people is now my favorite commercial 🙂

    • Livin' Legend

      I normally don't care for low blows in commercials (for products or elections), but considering the low blow farce that was the entire Apple/Samsung lawsuit, I'd say it was warranted.

  • BSS

    Plenty of charities could use the volunteer time wasted here.

    • Jawbone

      Well, get off the fucking Internet and go then, mom.

  • oclvtrek

    I wonder how much taxes Apply pays.

  • Patrick

    Steve Wozniak turned up for the release in Brisbane. He actually lined up to get a phone with the rest of the crowd. People couldn't believe their eyes.

    • JDoe

      Yeah like he doesn't already have the iPhone6 waiting in line to actually get a iPhone5. HA!

    • Mike D

      He will usually wait in line like everyone else. He is not one of the D-Bag celebs that "cuts"

    • squishy

      Even as a non-apple person, i have to say you must respect the Woz

  • JustTrollin

    What a bunch of losers! At least one of the dudes in !3 was smart enough to hide his face!

  • https://www.facebook.com/eric.onigkeit Eric Onigkeit

    Sheep! Posted from my aneroid samsung s3

    • Norbs

      Get a life.

      -Posted from my work PC.

  • savagecabbage

    virginity level 999999999999999999999999999999999

  • whyme1973

    Losers and Lemmings.

    • Sam

      Truth…when the hell is the tech market going to crash. Can't wait.

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