Sinkholes are the poor man’s natural disaster (35 Photos)

  • It's Me

    #10 #32 Taking the term "first responder" to precognitive status

  • Dante

    Dig Dug was here

  • Polygon Poop

    In another galaxy….

    (if you can indeed see it)

  • James

    #29 is called the Umperston Sinkhole located at Mt Gambier, South Australia. I have been down in it and it is a really nice garden now. I have some cool photos if you want to see more Chive :).

    • James


  • Gilbert Carosella

    Considering that more and more of these holes are opening up, I wonder what kind of policies insurance companies are or will be offering to cover these. It sure looks like coverage will come in handy seeing how damaging these can be.

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