Sinkholes are the poor man’s natural disaster (35 Photos)

  • dasdsad


    • Romney2012

      Go ahead and blame Bush…its all his fault!

    • SparkleDonkey

      I don't get it…poor man's natural disaster? Do people pay a lot of money to be in earthquakes and hurricanes or something?

  • Wet_tosti

    #2 that was a big wabbit!

    • SuperiorTo8

      God help Albacurky if he ever actually finds it

    • rdpre

      Also fake. This story ran a few years ago and it was proven to be a hoax.

      • Hunter_BZ

        It is a Sinkhole in Guatemala, look it up.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #2 #24 Just when you thought it was safe to drive the streets,Don't mess with mother nature

    • Handjob Murphy

      These appear to extend to the bowels of the Earth. What do you even DO about such a thing. You can't just fill it up, can you? Build a bridge over it? But what keeps the bridge from falling in? I am now living in pure, undiluted terror.

      • ImpressMe

        No kidding…those two are just horrifying…nightmares….damn.

  • demby

    #2 no thank you

  • Awm

    First to say first. And I thought I lived in the asshole of the world…

    • Robzombie

      No. You ARE the asshole of the world

  • grumpy

    The cause? FLBP girls tipping over after a "so…you got wasted" weekend.

  • ktmsandwitch

    Damn nature, You scary!

  • Tom

    Not sure if Sarlacc or Grabboid…

    • theBoognish

      dig dug? c'mon.

  • pimpampet

    They forgot the sinkhole of sinkholes, the end boss of sinkholes "gatewat to hell – turkmenistan"!

  • Suit n Guacamole

    Is the sinkhole being bullied by the popular kids,tornado and hurricane?

  • lat297

    I've got 2 sink holes in my house. And a bath hole.

  • Robzombie

    Sinkholes want to eat us

  • asdf

    #4 was in Munich Germany, and this was not the nature.
    They buuild a subway below that.
    Some people died in this accident.

    • paws

      The Germans have always been leaders in integrating mass transit. A hell of a way to connect from the bus to the U-Bahn. Wasn't this the second time this happened to them?

      • asdf

        THe other time was in Cologne.
        They thougth at time its cheaper to get a complete house as a station in the underground.

  • Lisa

    #32 is Mother Nature saying "Fuck the police". :-/

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  • Qwixel

    #2 and #28 look waaaay to good to be messy natural forces – no, indeed, this is the final and absolute proof that Spiderman cartoons were right – the molemen are coming!

    • seanjo

      No! Galactus is coming!

  • Will Berry

    The Locust army are making their move! Where are the Gears when you need them?

    • Funky Chicken

      That's exactly what I think when I see sinkholes! Glad I'm not the only one.

  • TpJmmy

    #5 Is that a giant colon?

    • Handjob Murphy

      Those are the tentacles.

    • Frone

      All I could see was that gas was 1.24 here. Forgot about the sinkhole after that :S

      • Scott W

        That is surely the other destructive part of this picture. Sure wish that still existed.

  • paws

    #18 Is no sinkhole, just some idiot washing his truck with a fire hydrant.

  • Ben

    #32 Fuck da police comin' straight form the underground…. literally

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  • Thoridin58

    Damn! How deep is #2?

  • mikemrn

    #10: HAHA That happened infront of my friend's house…crazy to see it here.

    • Shooter McGavin

      Firefighter – "Oh sweet a dollar!"

  • Navin R. Johnson

    always wondered what now? do they just fill them back in and wait for it to happen again?

  • tralfaz

    And this is why we don't divide by zero.

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