Thoughts on the bizarre finish to the Seahawks vs. Packers game tonight? (7 Photos n’ Counting)

The pundits will start the conversation on the controversial end to tonight's Seahawks vs. Packers game in the morning but we can start the dialogue right now. The books will show that Russell Wilson made a 'Hail Mary' pass to Golden Tate to win the game. The film will show Golden Tate's offensive interference and, subsequently, M.D. Jenning's interception of Wilson's pass.

Was it simultaneous possession?

I'm going to be posting memes and tweets from the bizarre finish to the Monday Night Football folly starting right now. Twitter is just getting warmed up with this.

"This league was a Mona Lisa and they're painting a mustache on it."

"You can't take a thousand dollar pair of loafers and step in poo over and over again"

- Rick Reilly

  • Mike

    This was the most ridiculous ending ive ever seen. Go Pack! 2-1 in my book

    • dervs12

      Ur book dont mean sh*t…..thats the problem

      • Vincent Guzman

        this is the bullshit of all bullshit, pack will still make the playoffs so im not even gonna trip over this.

        • @JJrrake

          Truth. But still what if they lose in the wild card round to an undeserving seattle squad? #finnaly a quality chive topic

          • prune

            You do realize that even if the refs were doing their jobs, Green bay would not have even scored in the 4th and Seattle still would have won 7-6. The entire game was an officiating train wreck. The words deserving and undeserving should not be associated with this game at all.

            • ...

              Only in the sense that the players deserved better officiating. And the fans are undeserving of this bullshit football we've had to endure this season

            • Really?

              That's such horrible logic that you should be an NFL replacement ref. You're assuming if the phantom PI isn't called that allowed the Packers drive to continue that all the plays would've been called the same from that point on, which wouldn't have happened. Teams call different plays when ahead then when behind.

              And if you're reversing calls, don't forget about the horrific defensive PI on Green Bay that on Seattle's 2nd to last drive, that call greatly changed field position for the remainder of the game, so you trying to call the game over before time runs out is just a sad one sided joke. So you should just take off your zebra stripes if you're not going to be any better than the shitty ones they already have.

            • @JJrrake

              You do realize that i asked a legit question, rite?

              How bout a legit respone

        • Pr0n

          I -1 you not because of your team choice, I couldn't care less, but because you sound like a fucking moron. Use your words.

    • Scubasteve

      The entire game made me sick. So many missed and just plain bad calls.

      • burlap

        Should have never left it in the hands of the refs to decide

    • Bud

      Definitely got hosed but it couldn't have happened to a more deserving squad. You know how you could have fixed this, SCORE ONE TOUCHDOWN IN AN ENTIRE GAME OF FOOTBALL. You blow. GO BEARS!

      • Justin

        They did score a touchdown… Just sayin'.

        • Bud

          Packers kicked 4 field goals. They didn't score a TD.

    • AssHaterson

      Fuck the Packers. Go Hawks!!

      Shitty call though to go on top of the shitty replay call that allowed the Packers to score a TD instead of a field goal.

    • Go bears go!

      Pack still suck they would have lost anyway

    • Jeff

      Well it's not 2-1. You lost get over it. If the table turned at the hawks were defending noone would be making a big deal. You packers fans are a bunch of baby's

    • Jeff

      Wells it's not 2-1 it's a loss. Get over it. If the tables were turned and the hawks were defending no one would be making such a big deal about it. You packers fans are a bunch of baby's

  • wpauwells

    This guy must be related to Helen Keller.

    • UPITT15

      I thought it was funny…

    • Yo Mamma

      Really? Whats your argument?

  • Joe

    These refs are making the NFL a joke.

    • jaime

      It's actually the NFL brass (goodell) and the team owners that r putting this product out to officiate these games. They believe these refs will do just fine. Now that a game has been decided by a replacement ref's… I mean entire crew decision, hopefully the league and owners will say enough. I know the packers owner will want to pay the real refs now.

      • Lance

        Well the other issue here is the Packers don't actually have an owner. They are the only major sporting franchise that is publicly owned. You can bet if Dallas would have lost a game like this that Jerry Jones would have done everything he could to get the officials back but since the Packers don't have anyone to standup to the league I think the replacement officials will continue on…

        • JohnD

          That doesn't mean that the Packers don't have a representative to the NFL. His name is Mark Murphy, President of the Green Bay Packers

    • Jezza67

      No, NFL is a joke. All your players might as well be steroid-enhanced WoW characters, they all wear armour, they stop playing every five seconds, they sub entire teams every three minutes, they celebrate the most meaningless achievements, none of them know any of their fans, none of them play for their local team, they don't shake hands before (or after) the game.

      They're not athletes, they're walking billboards for corporations. It's not a game, it's a giant advertisement.

      Oh, I'm sorry, did I interrupt your game of "Madden" (or whatever the f*(k it's called now)?

      • This guy

        I hope you are not a soccer fan taking shots at the NFL. Your "walking billboards for corporations" comment would sound very ridiculous being soccer players actually have advertisers logos on there uniforms, making them true walking billboards. To say they are not athletes is just a mind numbing comment it actually made my brain hurt.

      • @McBeastie666

        what a douche.

  • tbaynes

    Guarantee there wont be replacement refs next week

    • Orukal

      I'll take a piece of that action.

    • jaime

      I believe they're contracted for at least 6 weeks. So we might have to be witness to this comical tour for a few more weeks.

      • @JJrrake

        Guarentee the ref union will remain steadfast and the owners wont budge.

        Boycott watching the first half of games. Only a dip in ratings will get the refs back.

        #will never happen

        #gotta watch the birds

    • tbaynes


      • JeXeL22

        Good call!

  • crizzle

    as a Hawks fan, I have to say it was the wrong call. Noone watch football next weekend and the NFL won't make any ad revenue. That will send a message loud and clear the Roger: end the lockout!

    • Red

      Yeah Crizzle, I am an impartial. I agree, the Packers should have won.

      • Phillies

        Just throwing it out there, but the packers didn't deserve their touchdown either. Would've been a different game. They were outplayed for most of the game by Seattle's defence.

        • C-spot

          Look Phillies if you didn't watch the game, then don't comment on it. The game was a tale of two halves, the first half dominated by Seattle and the second by Green Bay. The final drive was trash all around, with an interception being overturned by a roughing the passer call that wasn't, a phantom pass interference call on GB, and the final play, which could have been called correctly, three different ways, resulting in a Packer win, but the result was a complete moron move and the Seahawks win. Could GB have played better and won the game earlier, so to speak, probably, but they actually did win the game, only to have complete ignorance of the rules stand in their way.

          • Indeed

            You failed to mention any of the questionable calls that went the Pack-turds way that set them up as well. Get over it. The Packers get calls every week because the league loves to suck them off, it's finally come back to bite you in the ass. Karma reared it's rewarding head last night.

    • Oh hai

      That's absolutely not how it works, but thanks for playing.

    • ccc

      What I don't understand is that the replay officials are NOT replacements so why didn't they get the call right? Am I missing something here…

      • thom

        They cannot review possession, only whether the person they called as having caught the ball did not step out of bounds and whether the ball hit the ground. The call was wrong, but so were so many very critical calls on both teams, but the review was correct.

        • wantomas

          Not true, simultaneous possession is reviewable in the endzone. Although Tate only had one hand in there at first, he was still maintaining possession at the same time as Jennings. There ARE one handed catches. Therefore it was not overturnable.

          That being said, fuck this ref holdout and the blow PI call. Does anyone else think it could be an ad revenue conspiracy?!? Games are averaging closer to 4 hours than three!! That's an extra few sets of commercials!!

          • C-spot

            Nope you couldn't be more wrong, two hands on the ball by Jennings constitutes possession, not to mention it was held against his chest. Tate had on hand, sort of on the bottom of the ball, and brought his other hand in after they both bounced off of the ground, even the most green official could see Jennings had possession.

            • Indeed

              I guess that's how it looked from a Packers fan's perspective

            • Derek

              Doesn't matter until they hit the ground. When they hit the ground, they both had equal possession.

              That said, Tate should have gotten OPI for his shove..

      • josh

        the replay officials cannot dictate who has possession of the ball.. they can only see if someone is out of bounds and things of that nature.

    • Jackson

      Except the NFL doesn't receive ad revenue, the TV stations do. The TV contracts have been set years ago where the stations pay the NFL an annual fee to broadcast the games at a fixed rate. So the only one you'll be hurting is the TV stations.

  • Matt Smith

    If it wasn't for fantasy football, I wouldn't even waist my time! #sadsadsad

    • Johnathan Burnett

      That's funny, if it weren't for fantasy football I would be exercising instead of worrying about the size of my wasteline.

      • Matt Smith

        lol…very true

        • TacomaJustin

          I had to get totally waisted after the game tonight.

          • Christ

            waist versus waste, people. Stay in school.

            • Shawn

              don't waist your time bro.

            • TacomaJustin

              Psssst. I think everyone but the first guy knows that.


    NFL will = "No Fans Left" if this continues.

  • The Gak

    This is what happens when you have a sub. Theses talks between refs needs to finish and lets get some good football back. Go Raiders!



    • Bonerhead


  • Thoughts on the bizarre finish to the Seahawks vs. Packers game tonight? (4 Photos n’ Counting) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] Read the article: Thoughts on the bizarre finish to the Seahawks vs. Packers game tonight? (4 Photos n’ Counting) […]

  • Monette

    I liked how Tate was asked by a reporter on how if he pushed off and said "I don't know what you are talking about" C'mon Man!

    • Goetsch87

      Classless, that floored me too!

    • kristin

      My husband said he's gonna be target for whatever team they play next…. but that doesn't surprise me because the temp refs haven't been making as many illegal contact as there have been.

    • mLG

      What do you expect him to say? If the guy says he didn't catch it they should release him. His job is to help his team win, and he clawed for that ball to get that W. Refs screwed up, not the receiver.

      • bczu

        He's not talking about the catch, he pushed Shields to the ground.

        • Si1entStatic

          yeah but even the retired referee stated on air that most OP(offensive penalty) are overlooked in that type of situation. He also stated that the line judges shouldn't have indicated any ruling without conferring with the white cap first.

  • Seattlefan?

    Real refs are sitting in arbitration all Ray Liotta-like saying "you got replacement refs blowing games?", f*ck you, pay me.

    • @JJrrake

      Dj ill will henry hill rip yo im out


    • Unfkngblvbl

      The real refs are jack-wagons too. They may be good at their job, but to demand pensions for part time employees is ridiculous. As a Packer fan and football fan, I hate this as much as anyone, but this union shit has got to go. Kill the union, pay these men as employees of the NFL, give them benefits and let them pay into a nice 401k, like everyone else.

      • Fkngblv-it!

        Yeah…those poor NFL owners, barely scraping by with their millions of dollars a year. When did we start always bashing workers and always praising millionaires?

      • Indeed

        They are simply demanding that the agreement they made when starting as refs still stands. They agree that new refs should get a 401(k). I'm siding with the refs. The business owners made an agreement to provide this benefit. They shouldn't be able to change that agreement now that something cheaper is the norm.

  • Baby_Steve

    Only way to really send a message is to not watch the games next Sunday. Not gonna happen. This should be the one play that everyone thought was gonna happen: a play that screwed a team out of a win. I hope Roger pulls his head out of his ass and makes the right call immediately.

  • Messianic_crouton

    Labor dispute, anyone?

  • geo

    Like Steve Young said ( as he was interupting someone I'm sure ) "As long as we watch the League does not give a shit!" Football is becoming like Basketball players are looking for a foul after every dam play!

    • geo


      • @JJrrake

        Hahahahha lol yea i lov berman and the boys but stuart scotts onfeild crew of crownies dont know how to act.

        Ps anyone else here stuart make that stretch of a pun on sleepless in seatle?
        "aaron rodgers NOT sackless in seattle"

        Cmon stu. Ur better than that

  • JackBurton

    Golden Tate is a punk ass bitch. Fuck him abs Notre Dame.


      Golden Tate has nothing to do with the outcome or the way the refs rules it what kinda statement is that? your just trying to be a badass grow the fuck up

      • Vincent Guzman

        tate did have something to do with the outcome because he pushed off the opponent which should be offensive pass interference dumbfuck.

        • Spencer

          I agree. But this is football. He rolled the dice on the pi and won. But that catch was udder shit

      • Really?

        Tate spent the moments after the call acting like a punk ass bitch, mugging for the fans like he didn't just get worst call in the NFL since Ed Hoculi and his lack of humility when interviewed about it showed he's just as classless as Dancing Pete Carroll.

    • shirt nonsense

      so now ur bringing ND into this?? wow, for wanting ND to stay irrelevant, ppl sure do talk about them alot….and ND=wins. GO IRISH

  • John

    Im john

    • Miles C

      Hi John!

      • John

        ahhh you Sarah Connohh?

    • Holden McGroin

      Jim, thanks for the clarification.

  • packer fan

    Never catch a ball for glory that you could have easily batted away for victory. Poor coaching and big heads cost the Pack a victory. Simultaneous possession goes to the offense, ri

    • Hansz

      true except that was NOT simultaneous possession…

      • @JJrrake

        Yo arent u dead? Well, tell coach bombay i said hi i guess.

        U make a good point tho, hanz

        • @McBeastie666

          you really find yourself amusing, don't you.

          nobody else does.

    • maw

      It's true, Jennings should have slapped the ball into the stands. Tate's offensive pass interference and simultaneous possession becomes moot.

    • Mee

      He tried to catch it cause he, I don't u, expected the refs would be actually refs. Retard.

      • HAHA

        umm WHAT?? clearly someone didn't finish school…

    • Owen Johnson

      Exactly, packer fan. Why try to intercept in the end zone with the clock running out on the play? Stupid move. And for the simultaneous possession, I think the two refs called what they saw, that's all. You can't call what you don't see. But considering all the terrible calls in the game, who knows where the game would have been at that point if those myriad bad calls hadn't been made? A Packers drive was kept alive by a horrible pass interference call and the Seahawks got a couple earlier gifts, too.

      • Matt

        I agree with most of your comment. I have always thought that the players should just swat the shit out of the ball backwards. It all started with the Texans v. Jaguars game back in November of 2010. But what I can't agree with is when you said "I think the two refs called what they saw". One ref is clearly calling a TD, while the other one is clearly signaling for a turnover. How can that not be taken into account just like it is in baseball when a call is disputed at one of the bases.

        Side note- I live in wisconsin, but I am indifferent to the packers.

        • josh

          It is taken into account. the rule states that if there is a td call and a touchback call.. the td call overrules the touchback call.. yes it was a bullshit call.. and yes the head ref should have talked it over.. but he didnt.. he screwed up big time and lost the game for the packers..

          • Matt

            I did not know that a TD call overrules a touchback call. Thanks for telling me that.

      • Micubano

        That really worked for the Titans didn't.

    • Randall

      Did u see the lions game? Hail Mary batted away only to be caught for a touchdown lmao

    • PACK FAN

      I assume by your post that you are a blind mentally handicaped FUCKING RETARD!! What game were you watching dipshit? Go back to DVR-ing mens figure skating and commenting on something you are elbow dip in you fucking pratt

    • OfficeLinebacker

      You're a moron

  • alwaysthatguy

    "Upon further review, the runner did not touch second base, touchdown celtics"

    • Dave

      Haha funniest one so far.

      Go Celtics!

  • BigDave

    Complete bullshit!! I can't watch until they get the refs back. It's the only leverage I have.

  • NorCalChiver

    That was payback for the '05 superbowl game of Seahawks vs. SteAlers.

    • Amanda

      I conquer, but it was the '06 Superbowl and the '05 Season. 🙂

      • Spencet


    • Corey

      umm that really just makes no sense because that has nothing to do with replacment refs or the packers

      • thom

        You are right Corey, The Seahawks got fucked by the all-star refs in that Superbowl. I don't remember the national media whining and crying like this, nor forums being setup for how the Stealers didn't deserve the win, that they should be ashamed.

        • MJM


  • Kewlwhip

    TOUCHDOWN!!! Tate got my Fantasy Team a Win by 2 points!! Woo hoo!!

    • @JJrrake

      Lol r u gonna rosterbate later

    • This.

      Tate didn't get you shit… Jennings and the dumbass ref got your team a win..

  • Adam B

    As a man who goes to school in Wisconsin and was born/lived in Green Bay, I can say without question that I feel I have personally been cheated. This is complete BS and I want to tell everyone how angry this ENTIRE state is. You think you've seen us drink before, just you wait.

    • Chiver

      Don't speak for the ENTIRE state, I'm perfectly happy with the outcome (wisconsin chiver)

      • Adam B

        Then you are no Packer fan. I mean we should not have been in that situation but that was a blatantly bad call.

        • ...

          I hate when people say we like you're on the team # glorydays

          • Weaksauce

            Maybe he owns stock in the Green Bay Packers.

            Is he allowed to say "we" in that case?

            Or are you just mad because you were never on the team?


    • Jon

      I'm glad you, and the entire state of Wisconsin apparently, are so proud of your misguided rage and alcoholism. It was a football game…you could go to bed without rioting.

    • Anon

      Canada is with you and so are fans of every other team including Seattle from what I have seen and heard.

    • Otter

      It was a game. That's all. Be angry at a bad call – it happens in every sport. But the rage I'm seeing is absurd. All this crap means to me is that facebook will be unreadable for the next two weeks. Now that I think about it, once this all dies down it's going to unreadable again due to the upcoming election.

    • Yo Mammy

      I personally love seeing Packer fans go suicidal after losing a big game – Most annoying NFL fans in the league…

      • Nicole

        ^^ Spoken like a true Vikings fan…

    • Jacob Schreiber

      I was also raised in Green Bay and go to school in Wisconsin, I wish I was back home right now to talk to everyone, and I'm sure everyone feels like they got sodomized by the shitty refs that got fired from the lingerie football league. This weekend will not be remembered, bring on the beer.

    • Slapshot

      Louis Black – classic!

  • packer fan

    Right call by refs. Packers lost because of poor play stupidity. Move on.

    • real packer fan

      your a fucking idiot

      • Grammar police


    • Go Pack!

      What?! You are as retarded as the refs. right call??? go hang yourself .

      • Anonymous

        I am the complete opposite of a packers fan, intact I am a bears fan. But the refs blew the call hard core. I don't know how they missed the blatant offensive pass interference the 30 times they watched the play.

        • prune

          A flag was not thrown so there was nothing they could do about it even if they did see it on the replay. They can only make judgment on the touchdown. The reffs are just blind is all, and maybe a bit confused on what the actual rules are.

          • ...

            You can't challenge a pass interference call anyways

    • Real Packer Fan

      Im going to find you and kill you

      • Ninja

        No you won't.

  • dick

    I think these guys are being paid by bookies. That's the only way I can understand these horrible calls. They're ruining the name of the game. It's disgusting.

  • ForTheWin

    Hey John. Just wanted to point out that it was Rick Reilly (writer for ESPN) that you quoted and not Steve Young.

    "This league was a Mona Lisa and they're painting a mustache on it."

    "You can't take a thousand dollar pair of loafers and step in poo over and over again"

    Steve Young was an awesome QB and is a solid analyst, but isn't that clever with his wording.

    • Rumers33

      Uh yes it was I watched it on TV he said this. If youre gonna try to be make John look stupid actually do a good job you tool.

      • ForTheWin

        Your grammar is awesome Rumers33. Weird how it now says "Rick Reilly" at the top of this post. Also, another perspective would be that I'm helping John and theChive with accurate info versus trying to make someone look stupid. Don't forget to ask John if the blowjob you gave him was up to standard.

    • Jon

      There is nothing clever about the Mona Lisa statement. It's Rick Reilly being Rick Reilly. He was referencing a famous painting by Marcel Duchamp…but I doubt he knew that.
      Sorry for the artistic reference on TheChive…especially on a football post…I know that makes me an elitist pig!

      • Brian Harvey

        No way, great quote! Dudes a douche

      • prune

        damn elitist pigs and their art.

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