Thoughts on the bizarre finish to the Seahawks vs. Packers game tonight? (7 Photos n’ Counting)

The pundits will start the conversation on the controversial end to tonight's Seahawks vs. Packers game in the morning but we can start the dialogue right now. The books will show that Russell Wilson made a 'Hail Mary' pass to Golden Tate to win the game. The film will show Golden Tate's offensive interference and, subsequently, M.D. Jenning's interception of Wilson's pass.

Was it simultaneous possession?

I'm going to be posting memes and tweets from the bizarre finish to the Monday Night Football folly starting right now. Twitter is just getting warmed up with this.

"This league was a Mona Lisa and they're painting a mustache on it."

"You can't take a thousand dollar pair of loafers and step in poo over and over again"

- Rick Reilly

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