Thoughts on the bizarre finish to the Seahawks vs. Packers game tonight? (7 Photos n’ Counting)

The pundits will start the conversation on the controversial end to tonight's Seahawks vs. Packers game in the morning but we can start the dialogue right now. The books will show that Russell Wilson made a 'Hail Mary' pass to Golden Tate to win the game. The film will show Golden Tate's offensive interference and, subsequently, M.D. Jenning's interception of Wilson's pass.

Was it simultaneous possession?

I'm going to be posting memes and tweets from the bizarre finish to the Monday Night Football folly starting right now. Twitter is just getting warmed up with this.

"This league was a Mona Lisa and they're painting a mustache on it."

"You can't take a thousand dollar pair of loafers and step in poo over and over again"

- Rick Reilly

  • Just A. Jason


  • ThaGnome

    You people better wake up its not the refs nobodys perfect. Its the owners and the commissioner that are responsible for this mess and ask yourself why these replacement refs are their in the first place. This is about money and the greedy pigs running this league. But never mind me get back to your Bread and Circuses and dont forget to drink your flouride while eating your genetically modified food.

  • Faust

    #1…We all know how Pete rolls, he was telling the ref that there will be a fat envelope waiting in his locker when he gets back in if he upholds the TD. Way to go Pete. Paid athletes in college, paid refs in the pros.

    • MUpde

      Cheat on!!!

  • ThaGnome

    The Chive censors my comment and not even one curse word.

    • ThaGnome

      opps sorry that took awhile to post

  • toddo37

    This is just a fucked year for sports, baseball is going pretty smooth, the usual steroid scandals and such but thats it. A half NBA season in which the effing heat won and the NFL using replacement refs, who are racking up more yardage in flags than teams are rushing. kinda funny imo

    • MUpde

      An NHL lockout???

  • mongoose5271

    Dear Santa – All I want for Christmas is to watch a real fucking NFL game, with real refs, real penalties and real plays!


  • Versari

    Greg Jennings caught that! JENNINGS caught that! JENNINGS CAUGHT THAT!!!!! what fucking bullshit!!!

  • JustSuper77

    Goddamn replacements!! Screwing up everything!

  • Mark A

    I'm so angry that somebody made a bad decision about which millionaire caught a ball last night. How can I go on?

  • russia

    Pete carrol blows#1

  • ctrain

    Skol Vikings!!!!

  • Tyler

    #6 YMCA!! Oh wait this isn't my preschool

  • Ray Sibert

    Well all I can say that blows!!!!! But I was told the rule is if both players catch the in the endzone it goes to the team who has the ball witch was seahawks… Still as a bear fan to me it was green bay but that's y it sucks!!!!

  • Subdepth

    Dear NFL fans: Pardon our lack of sympathy for bad officiating. None of us have forgotten Superbowl 40. Sincerely, Seahawks Nation.

  • awesomerefs

    time to stop blaming the refs in my opinion. if you win/lose in the last play of the game, what has that team been doing for the rest of the game. just get a bigger lead the rest of the game.

  • braden

    everyone is saying it was the last play that screwed the packers. The packs got their fair share of shit calls to go their way. the bullshit interference call on 3rd down against the hawks set the packers up for a touchdown. had that call been called correct to begin with, the hail mary wouldnt have ever taken place. there was a lot of terrible calls that swayed the momentum of the game.

  • Landon

    Not a big packers fan but they got cheated. If a person can't see that than ur an idiot.

  • jamie

    Hey Fucktards ,ya Golden Tate did push off but he did have possesion as they hit the ground. When they rule simutaneous possession the tie go to the receiver and it is NOT REVIEWABLE!!!

  • blake

    Every team has the same disadvantage with the new refs. With the Super Bowl calls vs. the Steelers, its about time the Seahawks got some bad calls in their favor. Of course it was an interception, but hell Seahawks will take it.


    At the end of the day, it's still a made up, imaginary game. Who cares. Some soldier slept and ate in a foxhole last night.

  • ChivetteKellie

    Go Hawks?!? 🙂
    A win is a win in my book – can't change it now.

  • Maytrix

    Why blame the NFL? Blame the refs who are holding out – they are paid quite well for a part time job. I say keep the replacements and work on getting them better trained.

  • I'm funny


  • Jeremy Marcus

    To all you people bitching about the replacement referees, stop. They are doing what other people aren't so you can watch football. Yes they are making bad calls; it happens. If they weren't out there refereeing you would be bitching about there not being any football.

  • lindy919

    Haha, packers lose

    and aaron rodgers is a gay

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