Thoughts on the bizarre finish to the Seahawks vs. Packers game tonight? (7 Photos n’ Counting)

The pundits will start the conversation on the controversial end to tonight's Seahawks vs. Packers game in the morning but we can start the dialogue right now. The books will show that Russell Wilson made a 'Hail Mary' pass to Golden Tate to win the game. The film will show Golden Tate's offensive interference and, subsequently, M.D. Jenning's interception of Wilson's pass.

Was it simultaneous possession?

I'm going to be posting memes and tweets from the bizarre finish to the Monday Night Football folly starting right now. Twitter is just getting warmed up with this.

"This league was a Mona Lisa and they're painting a mustache on it."

"You can't take a thousand dollar pair of loafers and step in poo over and over again"

- Rick Reilly

  • Angie

    1) it was the fucking worst call ever made
    2) i got to see Aaron Rodgers look sexy in his uniform
    3) i through my phone on the ground and it smashed, took it in this morning got a new one for almost free becasue i told them it was from the shit call made by the ever so lovely refs
    4) still a Packer fan
    5) everyone was lucky the game wasnt in Green Bay becasue there would have been riots in the streets and public floggings of the refs
    6) no one will ever forget this
    7) f**k LoLo Jones for saying she hates the packers!

  • Orukal

    I'm not going to blame the refs for not being up to the caliber of experienced, full time zebras. I'm going to have to blame all facets of the strike that put them in that position. I don't, for an instant, think that they are NOT trying to do their best.

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