A heavy dose of irony (24 Photos)

  • Mav

    #17 Gotta love Cincinnati… just not the politics.

  • http://twitter.com/Onoku @Onoku

    #24 this is basically what Cox internet does when your shit goes down. You call their number and get an automated message telling you to go to their website online for help…


  • Jordan

    Why are me? #23

  • Anomanom

    #20 Seems Legit

  • Max

    #7 I'm 95% that this pic was taken in my grocery store, Mike's Midway.

  • razer

    #8 i live there

    • http://penis.com Row bear

      Please help me understand why I'm looking at this picture?

  • DrYancy

    #1 Probably made out of left-over material from the Olympic uniforms.

  • Bender

    The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention. Now that. Is. Irony.

  • Mmmmmmmuffins

    I don't think you have the foggiest clue what irony is. #1 Having an American flag made in China is not ironic, unless you think China doesn't make things, then you are also incorrect. #7 is a coincidence and similar. In no way is that an opposite meaning, nor is it irony. #10 would be a pun instead of irony. #13 is not even close to irony. It states the pets must be leashed and they aren't allowed on the beach. There is a fence to stop them from going on the beach. They must be leashed on the non-beach side. How is that hard to understand? #14 It's a bad pun, not irony. How else would he escape? #15 The fat guys loves bacon and there is a pig. What is ironic? Nothing. #16 Two delivery trucks don't make a delivery? A stretch to say irony. #17 Absolutely hilarious. I love this one. #18 Once again, it's a pun, not irony. #19 Are you saying that you can't remove a tattoo? #20 Redundant, not ironic. #21 Yes, irony. Finally. #22 He is saying he likes small, not that his wife is small. #24 Coffee shops, hotspots, hotels, etc. have you go to the page to log in. Here you accept the terms of browsing and/or pay for access. It's not ironic, it's how you get there. The page will display without being connected to the rest of the internet? Once you are connected, you can go look up irony.

  • Critical Observer

    #1 should read 'OWNED BY CHINA' rather than just made in….

  • Dawgsfan

    #21. Serves his ass right. He lives in a neighborhood near me and he always parked that damn van on the sidewalk ramp in front of his house so someone with a stroller had to push the stroller over the curb and into the road.

  • Andy Valentine

    #6 Who else read "Pubic Property"?

  • Rich1988

    #23 That's why not Thats why

  • Bob

    #24…Whenever I see a sign like this, I think of the Video cassettes they used to give you with your vcr that explained how to set up your VCR.

  • Ace

    #14 Literally

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