An abandoned blind puppy is rescued, faith in humanity restored (21 Photos & Video)

Volunteers at the animal rescue operation Hope for Paws had heard about a dog left in a pile of trash somewhere in Los Angeles. When they found the dog, she was blind in both eyes and reportedly had the worst case of fleas they had ever seen. However, the puppy who they later named “Fiona,” would experience a miraculous recovery. After a nationwide fundraising and awareness effort, Fiona was able to receive an expensive surgery that restored vision to one of her eyes.

For the details about Fiona’s remarkable discovery and rescue watch the video below the photo gallery. Get your onion peeling excuses ready….

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  • Tiber_Septim

    Amazing story, hey is someone peeling onions?

    • ABCdario

      right here, peeling onions like a poor kid

    • @jaczor

      It's those damn onion peeling ninjas man

    • Firefighter23

      Oh oh Fiona, I wouldn't let anything in this world keep us apart.

  • guitarz333

    I'm not even watching the video. I can smell an onion next door already. Awesome story…

    • Katie

      The video will bring that onion right under your nose

  • @JJrrake

    Im a perrenial Hater But yeah thats awesome. Altho i doubt it had worse fleas than my fucking dog

    • MylesofStyles

      You know giving your dog fleas is considered cruelty to animals, right?

  • lemonDorito

    Chive, don't…..don't make me cry.

  • SAChiverSteven

    People that abuse and neglect animals deserve to die a very fucking painful death.

    • walter

      kill them with fire!

      • _waste

        I could not agree more.

    • LovesDogs

      I could not agree more. Unfortunately, we live in a society that lets a Michael Vick off the hook waaaay too easily. I was hoping no team would give him a shot, but I should have known better. In any event, Fiona's story is tremendous. The video is nearly impossible to watch when they first approach her – so heartbreaking.

  • rickacha

    if the dog was a Pitbull, he would be dead by now, people only cares about small cute dogs…

    • Eli

      Here's your Pitbull rescued by the same dude that rescued Fiona.

      your argument is invalid.

      • Lexie

        She is such a pretty dog! I'm glad she has a forever home, not enough pit bulls are given a chance.

      • drew

        thanks for that. i was watching that video in a room full of my friends…….jerk

    • Chris

      You just got destroyed my friend, kudos Eli

  • N8orius

    My best friend passed 2 months ago after 15 years, he found ME, not the other way around. I love stories like this one. Fiona is a trooper. Rescued animals make the best pets. I urge anyone and everyone whose looking to get a pet dog, cat, or other, to go to an adoption agency or shelter. They make the best pets because they know how good they have it compared to what they had and where they came from.

  • andy

    the dog kind of looks like a homeless person except for the fact that no one cares about homeless people… womp wooomp

    • Craig

      Sad thing is, there is a touch of truth to this statement.

      • @jaczor

        There is, but then again, there isn't anything that the dog could do about it, if we're talking about a homeless child then I would agree. It's not that I don't feel sorry for a homeless adult, but every time I see one I can't help but think that they're responsible for the way they ended up, at least most of them are…

    • Guest

      homeless people have shelters, work programs etc. I'm not saying every homeless person has a chance to receive these benefits, but they are available. These dogs know nothing but neglect. I'd rather see a story like this.

      • Victoria, BC Chiver

        not to mention that one big difference between homeless humans and homeless animals is higher intellect..there's so many chances out there for homeless people to better themselves, the most basic thing they have to do is will themselves to want to improve their lives..homeless animals are a whole different story..most of them came from extremely domesticated lines that they have almost lost all their ability to survive in the wild and fend for, almost 99% of abandoned, homeless animals out there have been suffering through a constant barrage of neglect, abuse, and cruelty that abandoned dogs like fiona would have probably died a few days later if she wasnt found..
        dont believe me? look at the clues in that vid:
        1. a dog with some semblance of survival instinct wouldn't be as thin as fiona, she would at least have made out fine with scavenged food..(im not even gonna throw in the fact that a lot of domesticated animals out there CAN ONLY PROCESS PROPER DOG FOOD..)
        2. granting that if she wasnt weak with hunger, she could have at least tried to defend herself from complete strangers..some indication, a simple yip, tensing of the haunches, growling, etc..

        so not even gonna dignify that comment about how a lot of us tend to focus more on other stuff rather than helping our own species..what we do with our kind is a whole nother ball game..we are supposed to be at the top of the food if its not bad enough that we have to kill and eat a few of the lower species in order to survive, but is it even fair to throw in cruelty with the whole process?

  • MattKL

    Just an awesome story.

  • loyalchivette27

    Bless their hearts… What amazing people out there. People who do this to animals need to be punished… or made to live in the conditions they left those animals in. Thanks for the cry this am Chive… great story.

  • Anras

    hasnt this been posted here already? I could've sworn it had…

    • gunnerx

      Yes, this exact series of pictures was posted here already.

    • Tyler

      Yeah, video was posted here a while ago .. great story then, great story now.

  • @StueyDay

    Where's the tissues? So glad she's happy now.

  • lee

    Excellent story… Animals are not garbage.

  • Katie

    Stories like this are the reason I will only adopt an animal

  • Katie

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  • ottawabouncer

    Epic cuteness 😀 Great story 😀

  • oclvtrek

    Great story! What is the watery stuff in my eyes?

  • Oatzfactor

    I found my dog abandoned at a property my company managed. He has turned out to be the best dog a guy could have. Good for the folks who donated to save the dogs sight!

  • Elle

    I cried like a baby…thanks Chive

  • Chive83

    Great story!

  • VaderWRX

    Great story!!

  • guest

    why do some people even bother owning pets if they have no compassion and just discard them like trash?

  • Brent

    Happy to see her end up so happy. The sad thing is that there are many other dogs in situations like this that never get the help they need.

  • Rooky11

    I haven't cried that hard since… I was a little girl

  • YYC

    About 5 seconds into the video I had tears and had to stop watching

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