An abandoned blind puppy is rescued, faith in humanity restored (21 Photos & Video)

Volunteers at the animal rescue operation Hope for Paws had heard about a dog left in a pile of trash somewhere in Los Angeles. When they found the dog, she was blind in both eyes and reportedly had the worst case of fleas they had ever seen. However, the puppy who they later named “Fiona,” would experience a miraculous recovery. After a nationwide fundraising and awareness effort, Fiona was able to receive an expensive surgery that restored vision to one of her eyes.

For the details about Fiona’s remarkable discovery and rescue watch the video below the photo gallery. Get your onion peeling excuses ready….

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  • Leigh

    Her little tale wagging is the an Awesome ending – and #15 makes me smile with tears rolling down my face.

    People who abuse animals, the elderly and children should have their rights stripped and live in a cage.

  • Dave

    How could you throw a puppy away. This makes me so sad and angry but happy it ended well.

  • caait_e


  • @JohnEva74114655

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  • InSane We Trust

    I love dogs, to the point that I value a dog's life more than a human's. But when I hear about the expensive surgery, I can't help but think of all the healthy dogs that got put down because no one would pay to keep them alive and that makes me sad.

  • theatreides

    It's good to know that there are people out there that save animals like this! KCCO Fiona!

  • @swtsxy15

    Made me so happy. Teared up.
    My dog is also a rescue. The man I saved him from was abusive and kept him in a kennel barely big enough for a hamster. He could only go in circles. He was severely underweight and frightened of everything.
    He didn't even know what a curb outside was. Now, after having had him for 2 years he is healthy, happy and playful. He still goes in circles, as I think it's mentally embedded in his brain but nothing felt better than saving him. These people are awesome.

  • fdr

    BRAVO to all the fine folks who helped this little fella !

  • JustSuper77

    I love stories like this. Dog people are the best people!

  • JFG13

    I say we find whoever did this, make them blind and throw them in the street and see how they like it. No animal deserves that.

  • Alpha_Dog

    God bless this rescue org & the vet who did the surgery. And may God damn those who abuse & neglect animals.

  • LisaKay

    Holy hells, that was an intense onion-peeling session. On a side note, we found our dog at the kennel and he had been severely abused. Turned out to be the best (if not spoiled) dog we've ever had. RIP Rascal. ❤

  • @Aowyn77

    Love it when theCHIVE posts things like this. Not only are you guys about helping our fellow man ('Merica loves you Taylor Morris!!) but you remind us that man's best friend needs our help as well. I shared this on my FaceBook and Twitter (giving CHIVE the well deserved credit) and made a monthly commitment to donate to this fabulous organization. I can't wait to see what charities theCHIVE gets behind once you guys have that up and running. You can count on me for support. KCCO Hope for Paws and Fiona!! ❤ a Loyal Texas Chivette

  • alw

    UGH, you win again Chive! Why make me cry?! Thank goodness there are still animal loving people, I wish I could just rescue dogs for a living.

  • krypto092108

    Sad story with a happy ending… Good.

  • lgmonge

    Thank god The Chive isn't a public company…they're reposting old shit….running out of ideas?

  • John

    This was posted months ago, okay there are a few new pics, but this is just a classic case of chive recycling old news.

  • MadTube

    Me. Seriously. Reading this now with my 3 dogs on my couch.

  • dexturrr
  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – how do people do this to any animal?

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Fremen Joe

    Godammit Chive, I'm ruined.The whole day is ruined. I'm going home. Shit like that devastates me. I hope whomever did that to Fiona dies of Herp-AIDS.

  • Beckee

    Well, now I'm crying like a baby. Both sad and happy tears. It KILLS me that any animal is tossed out in the street or just abandoned, but seeing a video like this restores my faith in humanity for sure. I have adopted all my animals, 3 dogs and 3 cats, it's such an amazing feeling.
    Thanks for sharing this video, Chive.

    • Beckee

      Just to add, as someone else stated above.. They adopted me, not the other way around.

  • JEL


  • arturo

    I hope the people who did this, have the worst feeling after watching the story in tv

  • rich

    great great .. good for those that helped. may you have all the good karma that goes with it

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