Apparently trying to look like Angelina Jolie is one Hell of a motivator (12 Photos)

26 year-old Christina Staggs weighed 308 lbs. until one day when a stranger told her that she bore an incredible resemblance to Angelina Jolie. Suddenly Christina had an idea, she would she would set her sights on thinning down to see just how much she could look like Angelina.



  • Tiber_Septim

    Fantastic Looking great KCCO! work hard at it you get great results You WIN!

    • Geezer

      She is way hotter than Angelina Jolie, be happy you don't look like her, you are far beyond better looking than her

  • BamaChivette

    Way to go!

  • unstablegirl

    Incredibly beautiful! Congrats on all of your hard work!!!

  • fign

    I would rather say that she looks a bit like Megan Fox instead of Angelina…but the most important thing is kudos to her !

    • Wet_tosti

      Because Megan Fox is pregnant? : )

      • John

        Funny that someone as ugly as you are would try to talk shit about someone else's appearance. Might want to delete that eye-searing photo of you before opening your mouth next time, you ugly fucker.

        • J_Ace

          LOL, i salute your comment !

        • @kccogirl

          I love you

    • Lolo

      I was thinking a toss up between Megan Fox or slight Mila Kunis. Either way, you're right, good job on her behalf. She looks amazing and incredibly gorgeous!

    • IrishMan

      My first thought exactly. Megan Fox not Angie

    • KingIvan

      You're right!! Megan fox I better. Good job for her.

  • bukssna

    Shes good looking, but not even close to Angelina!

    • uhm

      Better than Angelina, curvy and beautiful

  • guitarz333

    #12 goddamn right

  • Naajkow

    Where did all her skin go?
    Nonetheless, great achievement!

    • NZ Chiver

      I also am intrigued of this phenomenon

      • Robzombie

        If you are young enough your skin is still stretchy and can retract

        • Brian

          It's tied in a giant knot between her shoulder blades.

          • Kilmorea

            hahaha thats so gross

          • Guz

            Fantastic mate!

            • MaineSt!

              #10 I think i know where it went!

        • TrueStoryBrah

          Sadly, not always true. My friend was overweight in high school, just as much as this girl was. He lost it all by the time he was 19-20 and kept it off (he's now 30). He also works at a gym and exercises 5 times a week. Long story short, he's always had saggy skin and stretch marks to deal with. His chest looks like saggy woman boobs, unfortunately. I bet this chick in the video had to have some of the excess skin removed, since women get stretch marks 10x worse than dudes. Either way, good for all those who decide to look better and be healthy!

    • @jaczor

      I think it depends on genetics and also how young you are.

    • 5eagles

      Being young helps and doing the weight loss over time, but there are surgeries you can have to remove excess skin.
      Great job Christina! It takes hard work to better yourself and your health like that.

      • sandy astroglide

        Is there some kind of surgery the earth can get to have Kim Kardashian removed? She's a useless ball of skin.

  • lemonDorito

    Fantastic…but there is something wrong with this skirt. #10

    • T.J.

      its the other side of her jacket

    • Dale

      It's not tight enough

    • Tpifer

      Yea, it needs to be shorter ….KCCO Beautiful

    • Dirty Panda


    • Dapper_Dave

      Could be a bulge from left over stretched skin….

      • Marco

        dear god…

    • agirl

      its a peplum it has a flare on the skirt..

  • wes

    what is the bulge in that skirt on #10?

    • T.J.

      other side of her jacket genius

      • Lyra

        No no, it's one of those weird fashion skirts that have an extra (square) piece of cloth on the front…..sort of makes it look like pockets…

        • FUPA


      • gnocco

        fat people detected…

        • Dan

          im more of a waffle guy but hey, i'd pour syrup all over that and lick it clean.

    • josh

      thats where she's keeping all that excess skin

  • Slip

    Great job. Her boobs probably look like flapjacks though.

    • Robzombie

      It's possible but your comment isn't warranted. Why be a dick and try to bring a happy person down??? She did nothing to you!!!

      • lat297

        No girl ever did anything to him… that's why he's reduced to making such douchebag comments

    • gma

      So mean-hearted and so unnecessary. You must be a very unhappy and unfulfilled person.

      • Slip

        You guys don't like pancakes. And I'm the mean one. Ok. Go wait in line for new iPhone hipsters.

        • A BiPolar Guy

          Since when is being nice and supportive hipster? Oh, that's right, you probably never heard of either one.

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  • boobs

    looks like a Kardashian to me

    • vennexx

      was just thinking that! Khloe actually. At least in the face. Great job gettin' healthy.

  • Hugh Jacankels

    CANKLES … Circle back to this in 10 years – my money is on a return to the first photo. Guaranteed.

    • Lyra

      Oh man, you're suck a dick…. Is this really all you've got to say?

    • Heywood Jahblowme

      I seen them Cankles too!

    • HaAAAAAA!

      I'm going to have to agree with you, when you've been that fat for so long and then loose weight , everything about your body adapts to that stage leaving it's difficult and staying out of it even more so. Go look at how many people have maintained their new weight and figure after a huge body loss like that. Not many I'll tell you.

    • Chad

      Dude you really suck. I don't think this site is right for you. Keep calm and piss off.

  • SuperiorTo8

    Looks closer to Tia Carrere

  • sithney

    i would say miley cyrus-ish

  • T.J.

    #12 YES!

    • The Woim

      Question, did the stranger that told her that she bore a resemblance ever get his eyesight corrected? It sounds a lot like what a chubby chaser would say. Not judging, just speculating.

  • Robzombie

    She was just as beautiful before but well done anyway

    • lat297

      Before, she was three times the woman she is now…

    • Gus

      Fatis not beautiful, it's lazy and gross

      • Robzombie

        Bring on the skinny dumb girls for Gus. They can talk about the mutual inability to master English together

    • ChestRockwellz

      Im betting you have a fat girl friend! Im good with that. Fat girls need love too. I know it wont come from me.

      • Robzombie

        I just like beautiful girls whatever size they are. If you are fussy or scared of what your friends will say then moar for me. I am not shallow or weak like you and for your information I am 6' and 170 pounds

        • Guest

          Whatever size they are?? She was 308lbs! That is morbidly obese. How could you not care whether the girl you like looks like she hasn't moved in years and is going to die young?

    • Mario Flags

      That is pollitically correct and polite, but not true in real life.

  • HankHill

    I think she looks good in picture two. I don't need a speed square between a chicks legs to consider her foxy.

  • Robzombie

    Her face is far more feminine than Angelinas. Angelina could easily make herself look like a guy

    • JarikCBol

      Not with those lips, no sir. She'd just look like Steve Tyler if she tried to look like a man. ( and we all know Steve Tyler looks like a woman)

      • Becx17

        Dude looks like a lady.

    • Emily

      lol she did…in Salt

  • Slim Jim

    #12 best pic

    • Slim Jim

      she's hot though.

  • Peter

    You go with your bad self Christina. Nice work!

  • DonMarino

    I remember one time about 92 or so laying with a super hot chick that was a knockout, and not one bit fat. She started getting all paranoid and weird about not having enough of a gap. First I had ever heard of it. I had no idea what she meant. Healthy is one thing, crazy by unkown forces is another. This must come from mother's passed down? If she couldn't project the gaza strip on a wall, she was a lard ass. Crazy.Crazy. Crazy. Love the site,photography and chivettes, but don't go batshit.

    • Robzombie

      I agree. I like girls to be soft and cuddly. If i wanted bones I would dig up a skeleton

  • Unrelated

    Sometimes the inside of my ass itches… does that mean I'm a fag?

    • some dude

      offensive maybe, but made me laugh!

    • Robzombie

      No. Fags wash their ass

    • The Truth

      Maybe not the best question to ask but the answer is…only if you scratch it with another dudes tongue.

      • Biggus Diccus

        Damn, I was gonna say scratching it with a dick makes you gay

      • Beev

        Made me laugh so hard, thanks for that!

  • lat297

    Why would this make you a cigarette? Or are you using the term 'fag' like it's 1983?

  • MattKL

    Pretty good job girl, congratulations!

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