• Incognito

    Go Dodgers

  • Eric D

    Nice catch Hayes! Don't ever fuckin do that again!

  • Richard_Nixon

    More awesome, nearly a decade ago.

  • Richard_Nixon

    Infinitely more awesome, almost a decade ago.

  • Juan R

    The NFL Ref's said "NO CATCH"

  • gabe

    Remember his name: Pablo Sandoval, our prouder from Venezuelan and MAGALLANERO!!!!B)

  • stumped

    I can blow a bubble and masturbate at the same time.
    Okay, maybe not at the same time, but I can do them separately.

  • RobTalk

    Sandoval and Crawford! Earlier this month too i think.

    • RobTalk

      how do i make a video appear?

  • Mik3y_G

    Pablo is never out of bubblegum

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  • mikemcmo

    If the guy wasn't carrying 25 extra pounds, he could have gotten to the rail faster and leaned over it to catch the ball without falling in. But he was slow, and then went over the railing because he's topheavy. Great bubble, though.

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