By request “off-road vehicles” part 1 (29 HQ Photos)

  • boob_cuddle

    #5 is from top gear UK. Awesome. You can actually buy that military vehicle.

  • MrTiscur

    Over compensation at its finest.

  • Grizzle64

    Chive, you really got to stop letting the interns put up such shitty posts. I am dissapoint

  • Derek Grantham

    #13 that was my unit's chinook when i was in afghan i 100% worked on that helicopter and i was on the airfield the night they loaded those up there were 4 of them i think

  • Sloppyshifter

    More Toyota trucks plz #58 #103

  • John Colombo

    If you've never seen the Chainlink Lizard Car, you should check it out. Seven feet of suspension travel at each wheel.
    Also, I think girls with Jeeps needs its own post.

  • LeCasual

    Some of the Solberg shots are awesome. I especially like #56

  • John C

    Looks like the truck off of Tango & Cash.

  • Rob

    #68 CHI!VE!!!! Find all 3 of them

  • QTheLibertine

    #5 Is that an LRAD? Where the hell did that guy get an LRAD?

  • John

    I still don't get the suspension in #1. Looks like more peen stretching and than functionality. I have a sand rail that decimates pismo with twin fox king 2.0s on each side on the rear and singles up front that lands 20' of air with ease and I have an FJ40 with a chevy 350 and bilstein remotes at each corner that has made the Rubicon run every year for the past 10 years. I guess more is better, when you have less?

    • Matt

      There is nothing to get. It's a big gay jeep from big gay truckland. Notice where the frame is….notice where the body is….notice about 18 inches in between the two. It's for crawling at the mall.

      There is not one single redeeming quality about that poor butchered jeep.

  • MUpde

    #10 #82 #104
    Sorry about your little dicks, bro…

  • Crash

    Now I think the chive has hit it's target audience. Keep calm and punch it!

  • Tim

    #67 and #98 come one now….

  • LostBroncoFan

    Hey is there an auto in photo 79?

  • Brian

    You need to check out rock racing for some shots

  • custodes

    Request: Sigma Zeus Twelve…

  • Scott

    How do I find the photographer for picture 14? I would like to use his or her work on our page.

    Any help would be great.



  • Eyþór Ingi Eyþórsson
  • Eyþór Ingi Eyþórsson

  • Anonymous


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