Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Omar Goodness

    #16 Would you like to play a game?

    • Sven

      Are you going to make a pencil disappear?

  • Chops1586

    Nobody has called for MOAR of the girl in #8? Look at that body.

  • Grizzle64

    Ha ha ha, #47 looks like she's trying not to shart!

    • Grizzle64

      Oh, and Chive, come to Denver already!!!!

  • missu

    #5 Molly?

  • bollyver

    keep 'em cumming #41
    the pics.



  • Spelling Police

    #8 "..and the raise of the mom, I call…?" WTF? What does that mean?

    • Grizzle64

      The original post was someone shotgunning a beer while surfing, then another chiver raised the ante by submitting a photo of their (hot) mom shotgunning a beer while surfing. This is the 3rd tier.

  • Ponderous

    #8 that is funny. Now google Kelly Slater beer in the barrel.

  • http://thechive.com/ no_angel

    #39 mmmmmmm no

  • Howard.is.god

    #17. Patience my love…..you are more than worthy!!. Stop bogarting the chicks Chive! It's like an avalanche of hotness on this site.

    • Red

      I'm with Howard, you girl are smoking hot. Nice underboob.

  • PaleRider82

    KCCO law enforcement shirt please….. I have the long sleeve KCCO that I wear under my uniform on duty….. Come on all LEO chivers&chivettes support it

    • Bmilb

      I hear you dude!!! I want a Paramedic one…

    • jefftavolieri


  • mothball275

    Yes, you are.
    And thank you!

  • Victor

    Ok #23 for the win… wow who is that??

  • Cecil

    Hello. Would you care to come over for some ham and fresh baked bread?
    We've also got a fair amount of dark, and some wine.


    #6 …….Me, after all of the Seahawks/Greenbay s**t today. GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!

    • thom

      And the Hawks crushed the Cowboys too! Who is next?

  • Verbal_Kint

    #45 That 11th shot of Jägermeister might not have been such a good idea….

  • Anthony Hadley

    #21 JOHNNNNN!!!!!!

    • sshuggi


  • Alex

    #39 99cents store disgusts me… ( you even see the store logo in the back)

  • LIJay

    #27 Damned hose draggers! (Nothin' but love for ya, boys, especially, when I'm running low on latex gloves and hand sanitizer) Chive, we need a police edition KCCO!

  • Brent

    #49 THANK YOU!!!!

  • Cecil

    Also, whoever decided that Axons weapon sway should be so high should be shot. Jackasses!

  • srqFF

    #23 amazing!

    #27 ill be counting down to grab a blue one. I need blue to wear on duty.

  • Shadrock7

    Not really … You dont want ANYTHING in that folded leather ….

  • https://www.facebook.com/carl.collins.54 Carl Collins

    #17 moar

    • Ace


  • Sigh Allen

    People who say paw paw instead of grandpa need to be beaten with bricks…. Mee maw shee shaw shooshy boo… Fuck, it makes my skin crawl.

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