Dutch girl’s Sweet 16 Facebook invite accidently goes viral, it doesn’t end well (32 Photos)

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  • slytek

    Crazy Dutch Bastards

  • Mah

    It would be awesome if this happened to one of those little shits on that MTV show.

  • JTW

    #29 Wow, douchebags always try to look cool no matter what country I guess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joep.vdmade Joep Vd Made

    Its kind of funny cause something like this happend in germany not to long ago, so the dutch police asked germany for advice on what they did.
    I guess they didnt expect that shit would hit the fan like this.. Police fail in my eyes, but the police aint shizzle anyway here in holland. They are a freakin joke.. Now let's wait for the next project x party in holland so they can trash the place once again..

  • Dick Large

    That's what I like to see – police beating down a bunch of drunken losers! Idiots!!!

  • Joe

    If you invite them, they will come.

  • 5280Blazin

    Who gets an invite to a sweet 16 party and goes "oh, def gonna be there"

    • FranK

      That's the funny thing, no one was invited 😉

  • Steve Chi Town

    So this is awesome

  • jhoratio

    What a bunch of worthless losers

  • Cin

    Stupidity at its finest!!!

  • forever alone

    this never happens to me

  • heathclif

    glad to see it isn't just American teens that are stupid effin idiots.

  • Bob

    Reason #165,375,967,142,600 Why facebook is nothing but trouble.

  • mr_brojangles


  • Alex

    Ja lekkerrrrrrrrr nederlanders! This doesn't surprise me at all, that's just how dutch people are (I lived there for 18 years until last week, I'd know) Reminds me of that australian chick who left her bday party open on FB a few years ago too, when will they ever learn?

    • Lyra

      You say you've lived here for 18 years but you must've lived amongst some a-holes then, because people I know don't do this shit.

  • Harry

    @Dustin, you are a douche as well, blaming the police (plus you should know 1 mill euro is about 1,3 mill dollar and not 0,7).

    It was the media causing this "party" to ignite. Douchebags from all over Holland saw this as a dumbass reason to riot. 35 ppl were arrested and still counting. Dutch politics want these party poopers to pay for the damage themselves, to me thats a nobrainer.

    • Dustin

      ''That's what the dutch police gets when they act too soft''
      -My father

      Not my words. I only say that many people always have complaints about the police here
      Oh and by the way, your ability to see that I am a douche, is very interesting.

  • Hrdwood

    I guess I would riot too if I had to wear wooden shoes all day…

  • Penal_Colony

    Well, from the looks of things, at least it was a pretty amazingly awesome party.

  • zepolcire

    Well that escalated quickly.

  • ert

    the "party" was hijacked by soccer hooligans…a 86 y/o was attacked with a brick…fucking losers

  • MauiMark

    Well that escalated quickly..

  • duckfart4U

    Ahhh, ya just can't quell those kooky Dutch. Looks more like a fuckin pedophile pile up to me…

  • Dustin

    So, according to all of the comments here;
    1. All dutch people are dumb
    2. All the people who live in Haren are dumb too because of joining the spectators
    3. All the people here who post comments wouldn't take a quick look to see what's happening
    4. All the people here know exactly in 10 decimal what the Euro is worth in Dollars.


    And if you allow me, I have to get rid of all the empty beer bottles in the centre. Bye.

  • ed (that is all)

    Oh,idk, maybe facebook should fix that public private thing. Private by default, idk, maybe. Who would have guessed this could be a problem?

  • Rachi

    The night of the forever alones!

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