Girls who love to have fun are why the Earth keeps turning (44 Photos)

  • Benji


    • therealguy


  • Teacher


    • therealguy

      *LOSER 2*

  • OmahaDude

    #16 I think is her age as well. #19 though, I mean…..damn

    • Dale

      So what? Who the hell cares if she's 16?! Not showin nips! Not showin lips! So shut your mouth and get off this site if you don't like it queer.

      • OmahaDude

        Queer? Easy there tough guy. I'm all for beauty, and some of the assertions you make in reference to no nudity are correct, but my simple observation was that this lass appears to be younger than the age of consent in the majority of the U.S. Maybe not where you live, I'm guessing.

        • LACHIVER

          Damn dale… Anger issues much? KCCO bro

        • @danieljillm

          Dale should KCCO…and the rest of us will just keep wondering if she looks young or is indeed young. I don't approve if she is under age of consent but at least Dale is correct that she isn't baring it all. Makes for controversional conversation though.

          • Creepy

            Both #15 and #16 are under 16 years old.

      • Livin' Legend

        Well that escalated quickly.

      • Tomx569

        C'mon Dale, you mad bro?

    • Bucky Jones

      I guess Dale is about to meet Chris Hansen…

  • CowboyChiver

    #19 Made my heart flutter a bit… almost didn't finish the gallery!

    • SunflashJT

      You and me both Cowboy, the wink and the little flick of the tongue. Shivers down the spine.

    • LoveHer

      Katie Cassidy

    • guy

      who is this?

      • doug dino

        aka: the "GOOD" Ruby….

        • Jakemo_1

          YES. That's all I could think of was her character in Supernatural and how HOT she is.

    • Electric Boogalo

      She's sure got a purdy mouth.

    • maboze1x

      #19 and #44


    #24,#29,#41.Good God, Classy and Fabulous.

    • ali

      #29 molly cavalli

    • mick

      nothin' cl-assy bout these two thats why we like it . cross between high class and whore. they can barley contain themselves, neither can I , I am at an internet terminal at a bus depot got these girls on a large screen every one around me can see, next to me either side are a bunch of college girls all having a look at what i am looking at . they are staring at my sport shorts were I can barley contain myself , I have a full blown boner sticking up in my stretch bike cotton pants they can see how i feel .

  • G_Had

    #19 is hypnotizing

    • FunKiller

      Katie Cassidy…my dream woman!

      • FunKiller

        I don't know which one to respond to…I choose this one.
        Come on, David Cassidy was a sexy bitch, so was her mom, Sherry Williams (she was a hot model back in the 70's)

      • skavoovied

        David Cassidy wasn't a Monkey. He was a member of the Partridge Family.

        • Chiver_Sammy

          Sorry for mistaken identity. She is to hot…I couldn't think straight.

  • Mark

    #2 are two of the reasons canada is so great

    • George Zip

      coo roo coo coo coo roo coo coo!

      • Notknowing

        …and no, we are not talking aboot the Bob and Doug hosers.

  • Mark

    moar #2

  • sapphicosorus

    #28 Just… Wow!

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      The photobomb bag strikes again!!
      Oh and btw sapphicosorus you are "WOW".

  • joe g

    #6 good hot pics

    • guard

      Get back to work Joe.

  • MTL

    #24 wow

    • OMG

      i'm in love….

    • AllanA

      Boobs and ass are great, but sexy eyes with a killer smile goes a long way, please send MOAR

    • tha next zane

      she's a tyson-esque knockout

    • Don Wopaloosa

      #24 and #17 Some women are so gorgeous, they don't need to pander to the lowest denomination. Unlike #1, 38, and #41. YEAH, LOVE REAL WOMEN!

    • Voidseeker

      somlea.cristina on facebook.

  • ThaGnome

    #15 amazing

    • Kp1000

      I was gonna say adorable.

    • fabio

      Who's she? Please.

    • JWC

      MOAR! Would love to know more about this cutie!! absolutely adorable

  • pat


  • Gradaddy

    y'all see that? i think #19 digs me

    • FunKiller

      Nah, she was lookin at me, sorry bro!

      • Gradaddy

        that's ok. problem solved by scrolling down!

  • Jeff

    #24 your smile is contagious & beautiful. I bet you would be fun!

    • AdamBaldick

      What in the world is happening.. this girl is INTENSE

    • jammers

      that's a proper troll face smile right there

  • erik

    My pants are getting tight

  • kimohoyo

    Chive find #42 we need moar!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SChinaman

      I second that…..

    • Dylan

      Hilary Fisher. NSFW and glorious

    • J_Ace

      Chive has a post on her, from way back.

      You're welcome.

      • RobTalk

        Good find, my man! It blows me mind that there were only 32 comments left on her gallery that day (back in 2009). The Chive is growing.

    • refritos

      I could have fun with that…….for about 5 seconds 😦

  • Thomy G

    #8 Look what I can do!

    • tv_paul

      Nice one, I often use this Mad TV Stuart reference a lot.

      • FknNickDuh

        Often and a lot?! Ohmergersh dude

  • runswithbeer

    Wow! Too many hotties. Must find #42 NOW

  • deuces_sk

    #22 I am a big fan 🙂

    • JamesMoravia

      Indeed, the one on the left is a total knockout.

    • the1thingfish

      photo shopped!

  • Scott White

    #39 I want to party with you!

  • jeff

    #39 GORGEOUS Thanks for sharing ❤

    • jim


  • BigRick

    #17 beautiful eyes! I'm come live with you and keep you company.

    • 88 cents

      I think I love her… Seriously…

      • xocalixo

        Nahh, I love you guys =)

        • Cameron

          If I died today, I would die knowing I saw the most beautiful and captivating eyes of my entire life.

  • B Dub

    #28 is a real cutie! But, is it just me or does it looks like her handbag has been told to shut up and zip it?

  • Tate

    #24 is stunning!

    • 1_eye

      Her smile is a bit joker-esque, but I would be all over it.

      • Jezdezpez

        Put down the cheerios kid, cartoons are over, this girl is the real deal.

    • BOSCH

      No doubt she is stunning and knows it….

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