I hate my job (24 Photos)

Do you hate your job? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • K.C.

    #5 = TRUTH

  • KRIS

    This is actually a think bubble from Lady Gaga's head… Its her next high heel design.

  • Novalee531

    Just Dropped all the work I wasn't doing to make #10 with all the 'meme' jokes that we have for our office.


  • Littlet

    #3 everytime and #10 want

  • here's your problem

    #23, the real problem was that the customer couldn't moderate his posts from http://www.toiletinlivingroom.com

  • Motofoxe

    #20 Correction… Machinist opens program, puts stock in machine, clamps it down and starts the program, then sits down and proceeds to check out "Cat Saturday".

    A Manual Machinist

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #10 This needs to be in the Top pics of the week post. Awesome workk.


    #12 I would normally say yay Canada but I also do not approve of sleeping on the job. Unless it's me at my job, then it's perfectly alright.

  • SleazyDZ

    #23 Computer in the bathroom+copious amounts of tissue in the trash can=a single man's apartment.

  • acoustrix

    #10 love you!

  • Shane

    #2. Really? Putting things INSIDE the shell too challenging? Might want to consider some new life options.

  • Brent

    #21 hydraulic line burst and you be in the Darwin Awards. Keep Calm Stay Safe

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  • Carly

    Finally a chiver from Winnipeg

    • Zito

      Preach, Carly. KCCO from 'Peg City

      • Coral

        Well, that makes at least four of us!

  • Jezza67

    #19 Isn't that Seth's weapon from "Dusk 'til Dawn"?

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