• jim thorton

    you can see the exact moment the diabeetus kicks in.

  • nope

    how the fuck are there so many 7 year olds that have yet to try ice cream? i thought this was merica?

    • Chris

      Cameras also work is other countries…

  • http://www.facebook.com/emily.gosling Emily Celeste Gosling

    Not letting your kid taste ice cream till she's 5 just has to be considered child abuse, right?

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.flores.5454 Eric Flores

      It's not considered, it's a proven fact that its child abuse. True story

  • JBrown

    Try the same experiment with Bacon. THOSE will be some happy kids.

    • Verbal_Kint

      or maple bacon ice cream….

  • Kasey

    not trying to be a douche..but you could tell some of the older kids might be “special” ..perhaps why they haven’t had icecream till so late. This seems like a center of some sort, maybe they were brought in from fosters..bad conditions..or some similar situation.

    • Mark

      starting your thought with "Not to be a douche" doesn't make it any less douche!!

      • dee

        oh wow you're brilliant mark. fuck off. its clearly a legit observation.

    • Spelling Police

      I kind of agree. There seems to be some possible chromosomal "issues" with a few of them. To quote Family Guy –
      Chris: She's so sweet. And doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes?
      Stewie: Well, the spacing seems a tad off, but, yeah, individually, they're not awful.

  • JeevesAMS

    Not trying to be a dick,Just for feedback. I think this is the worst video theChive has posted so far.

  • Obvi

    Trying to be a dick….. Clearly the first few younger kids have their mouths photoshopped.

  • Guest

    Why did they need 1 tub of ice-cream to be donated? Cheap bastards

  • Boozer

    I like ice cream…it's a great topping for my girl's 36Ds.

  • Boozer

    Stay focused people.

  • ...

    0:17…."holy shit!"

  • jack

    happens to me everytime i eat ice cream

  • Victoria, BC Chiver

    Mac, i hope you dont take offense, but this is just a slightly wacky observation – question..
    Please dont tell me that you spend part of your day sifting thru kid related videos and pics?
    hahaha..just kidding..seriously, stay away from any of my future kids..
    hahaha..gotcha again..again, just kidding..
    (already counting mentally how many dislikes im gonna get for this one)..lol..

  • Duh

    Where was the one of Mac?
    Guess he's too shy…..

  • Ro'

    Some of those kids are way too old to have only just tried ice cream – I mean, what, did they all just get cured of a lactose intolerance or something? A child should come to know such things in their infancy, no later than a year old i should say.

  • John

    I guess only white children can eat ice cream. Oh and 1 Asian child. This video was beautiful, but c'mon those aren't the only kids in that town.

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