The most bizarre McDonald’s locations in the world (35 HQ Photos)

Via Twistedsifter

  • big tuna

    #26 independence is nice right down the road from me

  • hernan

    you forgot the southernmost of them all at Punta Arenas, Chile

  • bcanddc

    You forgot the train car McDonalds in Barstow, CA which is also the highest grossing McDonalds in the U.S.

  • d b cooper

    #1 Yangshuo….. I ate there on a tour through yangshuo and Guilin 2 years ago. Interesting place. Take the river cruise, it is a lot of fun!

  • steve

    I sure did pooped in Tbilisi, Georgia's McDonalds .. ohhh good times

  • crizzle

    you forgot the McDonalds in Sedona, AZ–the only one with Teal arches, instead of Golden Arches.

  • getitright

    #7 – Not the most interesting of the lot, but it's my local Maccas! Proud to see it on chive!

  • Miles

    #1 Been there!

  • Capt. Spanky

    #20 i fear this is in China. Not in Europe. Could be wrong, but i didn't know the Dutch read and write in Chinese.

  • Andy

    "The Worlds Most Beautiful McDonalds" is in Nyugati pályaudvar station in Budapest, Hungary. Saw one from Hungary in here, but I've been to this one, and its crazy.

  • JuddBonus

    I've been to #29, right over the Will Rogers Turnpike. The restaurant isn't that big as you might think, and either side is a tour booth (what to do, where to go etc.. while Oklahoma). There's not ever a truck stop there to get gas, strange. And you think that place would be more interactive then at.. kind of a let down really.. But is fun to eat a burger while a semi goes screaming under you at 70 mph. Been there, done that.


  • DJF

    How's the oldest McDonald's on the planet in Downey, CA not on this list. First time I've ever been disappointed in the Chive……

  • dimitris

    McDonald’s in Ohrid, Macedonia, you mean FYROM

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