theCHIVE is throwing an official meetup in New Orleans this weekend!

new orleans meetup no details theCHIVE is throwing an official meetup in New Orleans this weekend!

This Friday, theCHIVE is coming to The Big Easy this weekend for an official Chive meetup and a free screening of Seven Psychopaths starring Collin Farrel and Woody Harrelson (Opening Oct. 12th). As many of you know, you can find us listening to jazz and drinking bourbon at Fritzles every few months. We find heavy booze and great jazz resets us creatively.

Warning: We have invited Mac. I owe him a favor and he swore he wouldn’t talk, only creep.

After the screening, we’ll be heading to the French Quarter for the balcony bacchus. We’ll be announcing the times, location, and making the tickets available (they’ll be inexpensive) around 1pm EST tomorrow. This is your heads up, you’ll need to be quick on the draw! Good luck and we’re looking forward to raising a glass of Abita Amber with our fellow Chivers!

  • humperdink


  • doug

    There goes Bourbon Street…

  • Brian B

    Aww man. My flight doesn't get int until Sunday evening. Something tells me you will not be hosting the meet up that day. 😦

    • Eric

      Same here, bummer!

  • dale

    and on Bourbon Cowboy's balcony too, it overlooks bourbon and it's going to be rocking!

  • KAJ

    Lucky! It'd be great if theChive came and tore Denver up!

  • 3Dzer0

    I'll be there !!!!!!!!!! I love New Orleans and Bewbs !!!!

  • Luke

    Damnit! I'm in a wedding this weekend. I may just cut out and head downtown.

  • cindy

    plane lands at 5. i'm the luckiest chivette ever

  • oondi

    Ugh, now I want some bourbon and a cigar, 30 minutes to go!

  • Nick Coldathanapolabearstoenails Hoth


  • Dennis

    I hope I can get tics I just happen to be in N.O. This weekend.

  • Patches

    I'm gonna be in the Dirty Dell this weekend…which means I will be rapidly clicking refresh on my computer tomorrow at noon until this thing pops up. Internet don't fail me now.

    • Mr.Clean

      The good ol Dell. It's like New Orleans north east.

  • deuces_sk

    you spelled Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada wrong!!

    • Minezfive

      I can't see how that could've happened.

  • tv_paul

    It's a shame that the Chive can't have a contest once in a while where a lucky chivette or chiver can win a trip to one of these destinations and party with you guys. Any chance in the future you could make this happen?

  • Andre

    So freaking there

  • Jimmy


  • Shabooms

    Fuck yeah! See y'all there!

  • nolachiver

    My home turf

  • @swtsxy15

    Where are the pictures from the VEGAS MEETUP?!?!? I want to see those!! 🙂

    • cindy

      they posted them in the DAR

      • @swtsxy15

        Only like 3! There are some crazy ones, I know. I was there!! Lol.

        • eddy

          What happens in vegas………….

  • Rumers33

    You guys need to make a trip Omaha while youre at it.

    • Clark

      Not sure if the Old Market could handle something of this magnitude.

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  • Olivia Doty

    How about Sunday Funday??? It's LSU football this weekend!!

    • @LosSaysSwag

      The game is a gimme. You can give up one tailgate for thechive

  • oh haii

    Omaha, no

  • ThaGnome

    if you guys dont hit up Razzoo then the meet up is a failure

    • QtrRat

      Agreed. Its too bad im offshore until next thursday.

  • Jack Mayhoffer

    Boston please….BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MarthaJeane

      This! I thought you guys said you were coming here soon. Such a tease

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