theCHIVE is throwing an official meetup in New Orleans this weekend!

new orleans meetup no details theCHIVE is throwing an official meetup in New Orleans this weekend!

This Friday, theCHIVE is coming to The Big Easy this weekend for an official Chive meetup and a free screening of Seven Psychopaths starring Collin Farrel and Woody Harrelson (Opening Oct. 12th). As many of you know, you can find us listening to jazz and drinking bourbon at Fritzles every few months. We find heavy booze and great jazz resets us creatively.

Warning: We have invited Mac. I owe him a favor and he swore he wouldn’t talk, only creep.

After the screening, we’ll be heading to the French Quarter for the balcony bacchus. We’ll be announcing the times, location, and making the tickets available (they’ll be inexpensive) around 1pm EST tomorrow. This is your heads up, you’ll need to be quick on the draw! Good luck and we’re looking forward to raising a glass of Abita Amber with our fellow Chivers!

  • Frosterson

    You guys seriously need to come to George Street, St. John's, Newfoundland.
    Most bars per square foot in North America.

  • Paul

    You guys should really do something around Mardi Gras!!! I ride in Endymion every year and would totally sponsor your guys' membership to ride and throw beads to the masses!

  • WickedPissah

    I was checking thechive hourly ever sense you mentioned a Boston meet up. This is disheartening. I don't even have Bruins to look forward to now. Don't take my chive hopes away too!

  • goForth

    This is no excuse for a late DAR. Get cracking.

  • james

    San Fran meet up soon???

  • Drew

    Atlanta, please!!

  • Brad f

    Yessss I'm from new Orleans!

  • mills

    I'm still waiting for the CHIVE Meet Up- Minneapolis. 🙂

  • cHIVER1

    DAR is late

  • Trout90

    Holy Shit, Yes! Count me in!

  • Ali Hubbard

    if there is a Chive god, he will choose ANY other bar on the street.

  • Jess

    The weekend after I'm there?! Perfect timing chive…

  • @LosSaysSwag

    It's about damn time.

  • steelerfan40

    Balls- I'll be in New Orleans the second weekend of November- too late for The Chive and too early for Aerosmith- worst timing ever!

  • ctown

    damn you! why couldn't you have picked oct 27 weekend. LSU football is getting in the way

  • Jeff

    Nooooooo, we are going for my buddies bachelor party the next weekend!!!

  • Freddy

    no f-ing way!!! we are taking a buddy there this weekend for his bachelor party!!!! this is too awesome.

  • Joe B. Skeen

    I'm saying it's 99.9% guys who attend these meat ups.

  • Mikey C.

    Let's do thissss…but Bourbon Cowboy? I say Bourbon Street Blues Company or Razzoo's or Cats Meow (karaoke all night). All 3 bars are 3 for 1 drink specials everyday till sunrise.

  • keepcalmnola

    Ive been waiting for this one. I'm my hometown!!

  • Blake_McRae


  • Jerry Mitchell

    Holy shit, my day off, AND my birthday weekend… I just peed a little

  • Parlay's

    We're going to be throwing a chive night in your honor guys! Parlay's bar at 870 Harrison Ave! First drink free for anyone that shows up in a chive shirt! If you guys want to stop by you would make our year!!!!

  • Larry T.

    I'm there!!! Can't wait to see some fellow chivers and chivettes in my home town!!!!

  • HulioMarie

    stomping grounds… will be watching ticktet sales like a HAWK while my students are at lunch!

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