U.S. Navy Divers, risky business but the perks are nice (30 HQ Photos)

The Navy Diver's job isn't an easy one. They work in the most extreme conditions, performing various underwater tasks ranging from underwater ship repair, underwater salvage and special operations/special warfare type diving. Because their area of operations are so varied, they can be required to utilize any type of diving equipment for use in any depth or temperature in any part of the world. Basically, they're badasses.

One diver tried explaining the ethos of a diver to me. He said, "We come in all shapes and sizes, we're always around when you need us, on land, at home, or in the water. We spend our lives drifting somewhere between childhood and adults."

  • Brother Maynard

    Should call this thread Bad Asses and Nice Asses

  • Mark

    I love u chive!!!!!

  • Jeff

    I'd love to dive deeply into #27! Fan fucking tastic!

  • Murph

    #13 #14 #16 Good lord, this is one of the greatest posts ever. Dive on, ye mermaids!

  • NorCal420

    Always wanted to be a Navy Diver… But I am color Blind. Mad Props to you guys & the women that love you. They look amazing!

  • yaw asare

    I need woman to marry am a ghanaian?

  • bjh

    Love this post, Chiwve! My boyfriend is a Deep Sea Diver, and they definity deserve the respect :).

  • bjh

    ^ needed to spellcheck…dammit

  • reggie1610

    #8. Preparing for the big dive. Sexy sailor!

  • anotherchiver

    #21 #23 win we have reached a new level

  • Canucks_Rule

    #21 – wow, props to navy divers. lol.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –> http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • OhioChiver

    #14 Excuse me while I unleash the Kracken.

  • john

    i think this needs to be a monthly post. Divers and there groupies!

    • Ryan S


  • http://isigroupllc.com cory

    the women are beautiful, that goes without saying here on theChive! but #29 is an amazing photo!!

  • RyanG

    Next week The Berry will host EOD an the men who love them!

    • DEEP SEA

      And the men they love and the hair products they use…

  • Cali

    I'm a commercial diver. I've worked with dozens of ex navy divers. Every last one of them was useless. They're pampered primadonnas who don't work hard and have an undeserved sense of entitlement. They're knowledge is suspect, they have no ability to think independently, and one of the previous commenters is right, there are lots of other groups in the armed services to give props to before them. Notice anything about the above pictures? Everyone's fucking around, they're all spotless, and they're in crystal clear blue water. Those aren't exactly indicative of a hard work day.

    • Dale

      That's probably why they are EX Navy….but the college of oceanering was probably just as hard to get into….

    • JohnnyD

      Wow, these US Military Servicemen are having a little fun and enjoying what is usually a thankless job and all you have to do is talk shit? I don't care who you worked with and what you or they do…just have fun with the post and say thank you to all the servicemen and women who work hard every day to ensure that you can keep flapping your lips. Asshole.

      • Doc

        Thank you and well said!

    • CFM

      Pampered primadonnas? Unworthy of recognition? Unable to think independently? You made it clear in one fell swoop that your bitterness is clouding your ability to appreciate the bigger picture. As a girlfriend of a navy diver I can tell you he is one of the hardest working men I have ever met. No, not every day involves gun fire but there are thousands of forms of danger that don't include bullets. So please keep this in mind the next time you decide to trash our servicemen who have given up years of THEIR freedom to protect yours.

    • Deepseadiver

      You obviously have no idea what your talking about. Try coming to a busy ships hus. command then come and say navy divers are lazy and dive in clean clear water.

    • Dirty Diver

      Just to go to show your intelligence Cali. All the photos are in clear water because you can't take photos in waters with no visibility. I am a Navy Salvage Diver and have done things, dived at depths and have had bottom times you could never even dream of doing. I have worked on all types of conditions and got the job done every time. For you to talk shit just goes to show you know nothing about what we do.

    • NSG

      Well I know who did the sea bag drag right out of Navy Dice School. And did you ever think that the reason they put up clear blue water photos would be because dark dirty working dive photos would be A SHITTY FUCKING PHOTO YOU FAT LAZY RETARDED PIECE OF SHIT.. Eh hem…. KCCO brother.

      • NSG


    • DEEP SEA

      Hold on guys, I'm sure Mr. Big Commercial Diver here has salvaged all kinds of aircraft and bodies, gotten dozens of ships and subs underway, and been critical in complex naval Special Warefare missions world over, or at least cleaned the hulls on a couple boats down at the local marina… What's the difference, right?

  • Deep johnson

    Sounds like somebody couldn't get through dive school!

  • Morgan

    #27 I like that is nice I wanna try diving for clams

  • http://www.facebook.com/ricky.nevar Ricky Nevar

    This just made this made an ol Divers day. HOOYAAAH DEEP SEA! 0-52-CHARLIE!
    play hard, work hard but above all we stayed HARD!

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  • Lacy

    #21 That guy is a BADASS to get that chick! What luck for a woman to come across such rare amazing men! Thank you for your service

  • zgl

    #20 – sexy defined!

  • billyjack13

    I'd like to go diving on #27

  • Doc

    Ha ha! Great to see the other communities crying because we thought of this first!! Sorry EOD and team guys, guess the asvab actually does matter!!

  • ghostwriter066

    Hooyah Navy Divers!!!

  • kimohoyo

    They're all nice especially #8

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