U.S. Navy Divers, risky business but the perks are nice (30 HQ Photos)

The Navy Diver's job isn't an easy one. They work in the most extreme conditions, performing various underwater tasks ranging from underwater ship repair, underwater salvage and special operations/special warfare type diving. Because their area of operations are so varied, they can be required to utilize any type of diving equipment for use in any depth or temperature in any part of the world. Basically, they're badasses.

One diver tried explaining the ethos of a diver to me. He said, "We come in all shapes and sizes, we're always around when you need us, on land, at home, or in the water. We spend our lives drifting somewhere between childhood and adults."

  • Cody

    #29 Awesome shot. Looks like something out of a movie.

  • troy

    #21Bloody hell thats one of the best POV if ever seen

  • Cali

    There's one thing worse than Navy Divers…Army divers.

    • John

      Meh… Never Again Volunteer Yourself takes the cake.

      Former RM1 SS/DV That would be radioman that lived underwater and liked to play underwater when in port.. No wonder my skin is wrinkly at 40 😐

  • luvmyeChive

    #27 I just made my screen saver

  • Hugh Jass

    I think #5 is actually a terrorist.

  • Jmafar

    #20 that's one hot lip bite

  • Diver131

    Commercial divers are better

    • abc

      of course.. who wouldnt want to work with a bunch of methed out retards…

  • TrainDr101

    #11, if you are option 2, then 'll choose option 2.

  • http://twitter.com/SoCalChiver @SoCalChiver

    #13 #21 that ass!

  • http://ultraviolet007@ymail.com Hey you

    i don’t know you make my wabsite ok

  • krypto092108

    I wanted to be a military diver so bad I could taste it…

  • Deepseaotto

    We all know there are 2 ways to get a dive shirt. Thank you ladies. And fuck the haters! Deepseaotto

  • booboo

    now, are all these girls the girls that the divers girls that they fucked or are they divers as well?

    • DEEP SEA

      I think they got their blue and golds the hard way (which isn't Dive School if you were wondering).

  • ramon

    i salute you all andyou what you do you all are brave souls and #27 i have a special salute for you

  • Mysterious

    #23 and #27 … daaaaaaaamn!

  • The Bigga Nigga Bro

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  • Powerbomb her

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  • Harland Saunders

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  • Time Soldiers

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  • Prince Jesus

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  • Yo Mamma

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  • Homeland Saint

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  • Eduardo

    Me dis aonde é essa divisão da marinhaque eu vo pra lá

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