Animals that don’t suck (50 Photos)

  • Frank

    Not going to post first, but it feels weird like I'm the only here, hello?

  • luke

    #16 dog gets food in 2…. 1…

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #25 These inter-species relationships are just WRONG!!!

    • TPM50

      He's just earning his stripes.

      • Jen

        once you go stripes…

    • Wolfsburg

      He looks a little more horney then the zebra…

  • Jjj

    yeah but we have thumbs

  • they'resoCUTE!

    Thats it. Im getting a dog.

    • theyresoCUTE!

      That's it im getting a lion

  • andy

    I'm trying #47

    • ick

      tell us if you get wet

  • andy

    #47 I'm trying it

    • 6655321

      Don't, you can't even figure out the internet.

  • Jesse Rodriguez

    We need to have a post of people making signs when their pets are acting like assholes.

    • NateDangerous

  • SAChiverSteven

    #34 I'm still waiting for mine…

  • CanadianMedic

    Hey guys wife goes in for surgery today so if you could send some positive thoughts our way that'd be awesome KCCO

    • Tiber_Septim

      Good luck KCCO

      • I likes mah dranks

        Good luck keep calm and do that chive thang and you'll make it through.

    • in1ear&outurmother

      crossing my fingers for you two. KCCO!!

    • OK Chiver

      Best of Luck – KCCO

    • fotnot

      hope all goes well…thoughts and prayers…..SENT!

    • BenJammin'

      Best of luck and keep calm!!! Everything will go great!

    • Yeah

      Good luck to you two!

    • CanadianMedic

      She's out and doing well all went as planned thinks for the support you guys and gals are awesome!!

      • CanadianMedic


  • MattKL

    #41 Watch out guys, we got a few badasses over here!

  • RealZoo

    #6 #14…Awesome!!!

    • smashphotoblog

      One of my friends, Chad Cocking took the picture of the lions while in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Check out more of his pics here:

    • invalidusername

      my friend Chad Cocking took the one of the lions!

  • military chiver.

    #14 kinda looks like an oversized sombrero.

    • military chiver.

      Wow fail I mean #23

  • Tiber_Septim

    #49 I'm not a rocket scientist, but putting the seat cover down would help

    • loumannheim

      Or seat up…

    • bbb

      Or look at the seat to see if someone peed on it.

    • Big D

      It's an underlying aggressive passive debate in Britain about putting the seat up, lid down etc. At the moment, men are bastards for not putting the seat back down and for pissing on it. At the same time, women are douches for putting the lid down so we piss on it in the middle of the night.
      First World Problems!

      • Paul. C

        Sit down a piss….cant go wrong….and u dont wake up as mutch..just saying.

    • Ironhead

      don't go using logic

  • Reaper

    Boss walked in and asked why I am laughing, had to make up a story to convince him that I am working and found something funny in the paperwork.

  • pnutz

    #20 let me buy you another. Damn that dogs got games

  • Rebecca


    • Kodos

      … go climb Mount Wannahockaloogie

  • FolleRousse

    cuteness overdose :3

  • boob_cuddle

    #20 titis dog and beer.

  • captainmalcolm

    Pow, right in the balls

    • CaptainObvious

      Thanks for the explanation. I almost missed it.

  • Livin' Legend

    #28 "So then the camera zooms in and goes 'bum BUUUM BUUUUUUUM' and the prairie dog looks just like this. How can you not have seen that?!"

  • 29er

    #30 This isn't what I learned as a kid!

    • hu flung poo

      Tom & Jerry 2012

  • Craigery

    #3 Bitches love gettin sprayed.

  • Max

    #44…. so you got wasted…

  • Fappy McFapperson

    #37 you need a cleaning lady

    • Piman

      Nasty ass apartment

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