• Kyle

    #10 Motorboat

  • Whoa

    Impressive indeed, game changer

  • calichiver

    im in loveeee<3 ….u have an amazing body!;)

  • kevin8950

    It seems she likes her boobies as much as i do

  • chicago

    #17 #3 hey you know what? you're a sexy-little chivette. Keep chivin' on, and on and on and on… stay happy. maybe send a pic with great big cheesy-teethy smile. a little smile is cute, but toss in wide grin – it's a whole new world.

  • Maverick


    This girl is the epitome of the sexy girl next door.

  • Dream_Weaver


  • reggie1610

    #6. Thats a hot little number all right. The popsicle bit is out of sight. If you aim to tease you won!

  • BostonTom

    Absolutely stunning.

  • Scuba_Steve33


  • Titfish


  • B_Error

    Any chance she's coming to the meetup in NOLA??

  • thuglife

    My boner has a boner

  • Rick

    #14 So yummy!
    #21 And she got a donk! NOM!


    #6. Pretty sure all of the worlds problems can be solved with a video of her slloooowwwlllyyyy eating said pop sickle. Jesus Harold Christ, what a knockout!

  • robvc

    #18 by far one of the sexiest photos ever to grace theCHIVE's website. #kcco!


    Any chance of getting any of these pictures in a "scratch and sniff" format Chive?

  • mario

    For a repeat (!) you ought to make more pictures of that pretty face please 🙂

  • gbl

    10 you desirve

  • no_angel

    #13 All those curves and me with no brakes.

  • Tom

    Where do they make these perfect Chicks?

  • yummmmmmmmmmmm

    Nice tatas

  • dbar

    Yellow is my fav color too. How sweet of her.

  • lovesattentionwhores

    yeah, i'd consider leaving my wife for a weekend with her

  • Bob

    Hot but take 5 sec and clean your mirror first #16 #17

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